Many people believe that there is too much technology in the world today, and that technology is the major cause of our environmental pollution. This is not the case. It is the abuse and misuse of technology that should be our major concern. In a more humane society, instead of machines displacing people they would shorten the workday, increase the availability of goods and services, and lengthen vacation time. Our plan is to utilize new technologies to raise the standard of living for all people hence the infusion of machine technology would no longer be a threat.

Cybernating Technology

Computers today replace human brains with electronic equipment that manipulates figures, makes programmed decisions, and gives instructions far more efficiently than any human. Cybernation is the linking of computers with automated systems. Eventually, the central cybernated systems will coordinate all of the machinery and equipment that serve the entire city, the nation and ultimately the world. One can think of this as an electronic autonomic nervous system extending into all areas of the social complex.

To ensure the efficient operation of the city’s various functions, all of the processes and services are equipped with electronic environmental feedback sensors. These sensors are coordinated with redundant, back-up systems that operate in the event of failure or breakdown of the city’s primary systems.

Existing Resources

Existing land and sea resources, physical equipment and industrial plants will be utilized to enhance the lives of the total population. In an economy based on resources we could easily produce all of the necessities of life and provide a high standard of living for all.

A Resource Based Economy would make it possible for us to use technology to overcome some scarce resources by applying renewable sources of energy, computerizing and automating manufacturing and inventory, designing safe energy-efficient cities and advanced transportation systems, providing universal health care and more relevant education, and most of all by generating a new incentive system based on human and environmental concern.


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