Roxanne Meadows: We Must Change or Humanity Will Continue to Suffer – Part 1

Roxanne Meadows, co-founder of The Venus Project, joins Sarah Westall to share the goals and vision of the Project.

Listen or view video at the bottom of the page here: Venus Project Co-Founder Roxanne Meadows: We Must Change or Humanity Will Continue to Suffer – Part 1

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  1. Liebe Roxanne Meadows + Team,
    meine Englisch-Kenntnisse sind nicht die Besten, aber ich bin Begeistert und Dankbar, dass es solche Menschen wie Sie gibt und gegeben hat. Wir müssen gemeinsam handeln. Leider habe ich erst vor kurzem über The Venus Project erfahren. Und als erstes möchte ich das soviel Menschen wie nur möglich in meiner Umgebung von euch erfahren. Ich sehe mir jeden Tag eure Videos an und die wichtigen Inhalte lassen mich viele Dinge aus anderen Perspektiven sehen. Es werden sich noch viel mehr Menschen für euch öffnen. Weil die Welt schreit nach Veränderung. Ich wünsche allen Menschen die an The Venus Project beteiligt sind viel Mut, Kraft und geladene Energie.
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

  2. A few months back I sent a brief resume and took a couple of Grammar tests hoping to get involved with your program. I have never received any response. I live in South Texas close to Houston and there are no chapters close to where I live. I would like to get involved promoting this movement. If I can be of service please let me know how. Thanks, Dennis McIntire

    • Dennis, I am also from Texas, and I have had similar interest in ‘TVP…You can certainly be of service…Many are busy laying out plans for the ‘1st City I believe. Facebook has a group POC (point of contact) called The Venus Project-Global where we engage in duscussions every day.

  3. Definitely we should do something to save the world, humanity in all of us. This world is very spoilt. Sometimes I think that the global catastophe is inevitable, I do not mean natural disasters, they are already happening and have their place on the planet, but I am afraid that humanity will not turn to the right course.

  4. I came to this page through a very small local group, ‘We’ve had Enough’ from my part of the world..Then to another topic on ‘Dystopua’.
    I would hope I can be of service, too.

  5. I have been dreaming of a world as such where love ligh and peace are at the top of priorities where we all help one another and everone prospers not one person is higher than another as far as society goes. No poor no mediocre no rich. Just people thriving and enjoying being able to live life to its fullest

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