Roxanne Meadows to Speak at the 2019 NOVUS Summit at the UN

We are excited to let you know that Roxanne Meadows will be presenting at the 2019 NOVUS Summit on July 20th at the United Nations. As stated on their website, the Summit’s aim is “to inspire all generations to unite in action for positive humanitarian impact, and find ways to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals”. It emphasizes the need to unite the field of positive psychology with science and innovation to achieve the 17 UN Global Goals for a better world by 2030.

Roxanne will be presenting The Venus Project and the necessity for a social direction for humanity – so that rapidly advancing science and technology are used to create a world we all want to live in, one which is dedicated towards social betterment for everyone. She will also introduce The Venus Project’s progress on our next big project, The Center for Resource Management.

At the 2016 NOVUS Summit, Jacque Fresco was presented with the Sustainable Cities & Communities award in conjunction with one of the 17 UN goals. The Venus Project is honored to again be a part of this event.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.


  1. Is this event open to the public? I live not far from the UN. I have visited Jacque and Roxanne in Fort Myers numerous years ago…Would love to listen to and meet Roxanne again. Sheldon

    • Hi Sheldon, we suggest contacting the NOVUS team through the contact form on their website to find out more about opportunities to attend the event.

    • The event is by invitation only. However, the offer a sign up to request an invite. I hope you are able to go!

  2. I’ve followed the Venus Project since I was a teenager, I am excited to see it’s finally showing itself to the World and being accepted and awarded. Do they post these lectures on Youtube or some channel?

  3. I am a HUGE supporter of The Venus Project! More than you could possibly know. It`s just missing one key element in my opinion. Psychological guidance in the field of supply/demand. A century of single pregnancies to regulate the demand FOLLOWED by a century of FOUR pregnancies balance the equation. Net result would be a Venus Project worldwide. The wealthy elite would no longer exist cause we all would be equal.
    That`s just my opinion. Jacques has sparked a revolution. A revolution to excel humanity into the final climactic stage of evolution. No more poverty, crime, or hunger. The formula above puts the frosting on the cake that Jacques and Roxanne have baked for us all.

  4. Please tell Roxanne hello from Peter Ruotolo and Ali Coffey. We still talk fondly of the time we brought herself and Jacque over to Ireland for a lecture. Every year that goes by seems to solidify the train of thought of the VP. -Peter

  5. I love anything and everything RBE related.
    Thank you Roxanne and Venus Project for working so hard to make this global ideal a reality.

  6. 12 minutes to tell the audience how we can/should invest time & money in science/knowledge, technology, robotics & automation to produce the basics like food, water, shelter, power, transport & goods to help all people exist together in peace without the fear of not surviving so we can truly build better & happier societies in co-operation for our children and for future generations of humanity?

    Sounds good, but It’d take me at least 20 minutes to do all that. lol

    Good luck with it Roxanne and team.

    Get them really interested and involved if you can.

    Anything we can do to help, just ask. :o)

  7. The key is to get mainstream media excited about the VP, if that is indeed possible? Fingers crossed. Go Roxanne!

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