September 2018 Updates

This month we have an opportunity for those working within the gaming industry to participate in developing immersive Virtual Reality experiences of The Venus Project’s cities. Also within this update, we want to introduce a new addition to the Sociocyberneering Audio Collection with a newly produced lecture by Jacque Fresco titled “Needs, Love, & Relationships”.

The Venus Project is looking for volunteers to join the development of a Virtual Reality City Simulator!

Virtual Reality Simulator

A new project at The Venus Project has been started and a team consisting of video game industry veterans has been formed for its development.

The VR (Virtual Reality) Simulator will give access for everybody with a VR set to dive into a 360° projection of a city according to The Venus Project’s designs and experience it from the inside.

Most wanted specialists are:

  1. CG/3D Artists
  2. Concept Artists
  3. Level Designers (Unreal Engine 4)
  4. Sound Artists


New Lecture Available

Needs, Love, & Relationships

Lecture by Jacque Fresco from February 1976: Needs, Love, & Relationships
Runtime: 54:44 minutes

Previously titled “Relationships,” in this lecture Jacque Fresco gives a preliminary demonstration of automatic brain processes involved in making inferences and covers techniques of creative and analytical thinking. The majority of this lecture explores human needs, expressions of love, and personal relationships. He additionally discusses conditioned perceptions of beauty, the formation of preferences, and the peaks and plateaus of enjoying something.

Available in:

  1. Audio With Scrolling Video Transcript
  2. Audio
  3. Text only

A video trailer can also be viewed at the above links.

The Venus Project Tour Seminar – August 18, 2018

The Venus Project Tour Seminar - August 18, 2018

A short video from the August 18th Tour/Seminar in Venus, Florida.



Looking for ways to help? Here are opportunities:

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  1. I introduced the CEO of a VR-World/Crypto company called ‘Project Districts’ to The Venus Project – not sure if you have been in contact yet but both the company and him are following TVP and Rox on Twitter.

    These guys are from Dubai, they are currently working on developing a VR-Wrold and Ecosystem. I might also hint that ‘Ursery’ or ‘Interest’ is an aligned ideological resistance. I believe The Venus Project and Project Districts could be of immense benefit to one another.

    Thanks you for your time and consideration.

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