Georgi Tsochev

Lead Architect

Georgi Tsochev

The planet earth is our home and it is the only real estate and abode and habitat we all possess.*

It is apparent and more obvious to all of us, that we need to radically re-evaluate our attitude towards it and change it as quickly as possible.

As every architect, I am trained to look for feasible, logical, and sound outcomes of the cases I encounter in my profession.

For me (RBE) Resource Based Economy (a concept I’ve been examining for many years now) is a holistic and highly logical approach, better and more relevant to the present we are living in than any other known so far.

I would compare RBE to an excellent architectural design for a building, which not only meets the present needs for its occupants, but it is flexible and hospitable as well to embrace what belongs to the future, yet new and unknown.

Georgi has been an Architect for The Venus Project since September 2017.

*The life perhaps will soon be multiplanetary per Elon Musk’s vision. However before it happens and even after that, we would need in place a new system adequate to the current (and up coming) technological advancement and progress and subsequently a new way of social interactions within the society.