The Venus Project Agenda for Year 2020

In this post we would like to share with you some of what you can anticipate seeing from The Venus Project for the upcoming year and beyond with a preview of various new plans and products.

New T-Shirts & More

Many have asked about providing more options for merchandise that represent The Venus Project’s name and ideas. In response to these requests, we have improved the merchandise we offer and now feature it on Teespring. Below are two new designs.

The Venus Project -  Basic (multiple colors) & Resource Based Economy - Premium (white)
The Venus Project – Basic (multiple colors) & Resource Based Economy – Premium (white)

Visit Teespring and use discount code: 15OFF2020

Because Teespring is partnered with Youtube, you will see these items below our Youtube videos.

We will continue to offer new designs as time goes on. Graphic designers are welcome to contact us with ideas.

Although The Venus Project is not primarily in the business of producing brand merchandise, your purchases help expose the name and support the more meaningful projects we work on.

The Venus Project merchandize


Other Outcomes we will be Pursuing Over this Next Year

A couple months ago, we were approached by a supporter who gathered many quotes of Jacque Fresco from online sources. Since then, we have further developed this idea, and with the help of the Linguistic Team International’s quote repository, we will be self-publishing a small book of over 200 quotes by Jacque Fresco. You can look forward to this being available very soon.

Jacque Fresco Book Of Insights

We look forward to improving our website content and layout, as well as improvement to our volunteer education.

We will also start offering 3D printed replicas of Jacque Fresco’s original handcrafted models of architectural and transportation designs. These will be printed in sandstone through Shapeways.

3D model
Preliminary prototype.

Preserving The Venus Project’s Foundations

Jacque Fresco contributed much to our understanding of current problems and potential solutions. Today, The Venus Project remains founded on his body of work. As part of managing our evolution as an organization, we will be creating a website in his name. This will give the best presentation of his life and work by providing it in a single package and as a coherent system. As part of this website, we will include a timeline of his life and a subscription to his audio and video lectures.

We seek to preserve the ideas at the foundation of The Venus Project. To do this, we will make explicit all information in Fresco’s lectures through publications. In December 2019, we closed a successful fundraiser dedicated to processing information both at our foundations and for our evolution. As promised, we have begun funding transcription of Fresco’s lectures which will continue through 2020. We welcome volunteers to proofread the text in preparation for publication. Simultaneously, we will analyze the content of transcripts through a qualitative research software called MAXQDA Pro to account for and correlate the information across lectures.

Beyond 2020, the Following Outcomes are Estimated:

  • A podcast that features the top experts in many disciplines that correlate with The Venus Project’s vision.
  • Upon completion of the transcription project, we envision publishing the content in a series of volumes. These first include, a single Compendium that assembles the highlight excerpts from transcripts. Next, a series of Selected Works will group the particular transcripts by theme. Finally, a Collected Works will include all lectures in chronological order. It will also include volumes dedicated to Fresco’s sketches and models.
  • As mentioned in our previous fundraiser, we will be conducting literature reviews for key questions, starting with inviting criticism through critical reviews. Subsequent literature reviews will follow. Our long term interest is to contribute to or establish a transdisciplinary research program dedicated to a science of Earth management, taking as the focal point, the design and construction of new cities.
  • Additional ideas for future promotion of TVP concepts include creating a VR simulator of future environments such as a new center or city.
  • Plans for a transmedia IP and a new center continue.

If you would like to help with any of the items on the agenda, please contact or join our teams.


  1. The virtual reality simulation would be a fantastic addition to the work done with high school students at the Insight centre in Galway. I know the guy who runs the computer & communications museum and he loves the things I’ve shown him about The Venus Project. I’m certain he would love your simulation available to the students as it’s very much in line with the work he does. Might also be interested in a few posters with predictions and comments Jacque made about computers to put up in the computer & communications museum.

    • While I can understand how someone could come to that conclusion, I think it is simply the result of a misinterpretation. The social and governing system advocated for by The Venus Project is no more authoritarian than a pocket calculator, and in simplified terms works much the same way. A calculator in no way forces someone to use the answer it presents, it simply provides information based on the data entered into it. Anyone is completely free to use a different answer then what a calculator gives.

      The reason people choose to use the answer from a calculator is because they have enough knowledge of math and understanding of how a calculator works to know that it provided the correct answer. This is essentially how things would work in The Venus Project, but it will also be truly democratic. Everyone will have access to all information and have a say in what gets done. If anyone has a different idea to something presented it can be run through a simulation to test it, and then compared to the original to see which genuinely works best. And because everyone is well educated on a wide range of matters people will understand how and why the idea determined to work best actually does.

      It’s all about using the best tools available to figure out the best solutions possible.

      • It is very interesting how people immediately jump to the conclusion that anything that gets out of the mold we’ve been sold for eons as a functioning society, it’s either a dystopian approach, communism or any other oppressive form of control. All of this is simply the result of applying old frames of mind to a future vision. We tend to maintain a grim perception of the future, because we’ve been living in dark times too long. Nothing exposes this more than our current Sci-Fi movies. Almost all of them, paint a very dysfunctional picture of the future. In them, societies are either oppress by machines, or tyrant dictators, or we are rebuilding the world after nuclear obliteration, lethal pandemics, etc. There is always that darkness that awaits in the future for us all. Instead, this kind of systems, like the one presented here, give a balanced, empowering and free vision of a future where we are the creators, the managers and the ones with the power to evolve. An optimistic future. Hard to believe, when we have been programmed to merely survive, but very achievable if we all believe it is possible.

        • “An optimistic future. Hard to believe, when we have been programmed to merely survive, but very achievable if we all believe it is possible.”

          That is the barrier, since this is a great conditioner. Convincing everyone that this is possible seems impossible.

      You look like don’t read many thing in this website. You look like stuck in closed mindset and don’t have logical thinking. If you read many thing in this website, you will be understand how resource based economy works.

      The Venus Project is underrated, sad

    • Change always looks frightening, because you’re working within your known framework, which by the way is filled with authoritarian structures: from schools to the workplace. In the US, such systems have taken lives unjustly time and again: the Salem Witch Trials, the McCarthy Era hunt for Communists, southern slavery and plenty of more subtle iterations of it.

      Before judging, why not visit the facility, research the Board of Directors and learn as much as you can about the project. I would love to see it move from research to living labs (with actual residents). Otherwise, it can’t be authoritarian, because there are no residents. Gotta get there first.

    • They can’t be authoritarian, because they don’t have residents. In my opinion, that’s the biggest problem – research, but no action.

  2. Whell i am disimpointed in humankind for a long time,mr Jacque Fresco was intellectually active from 1974 now is 2020.
    And i do not see anything that has happend to start the idea Venus.
    Whel if you talk about something you at least try to make it hapend.
    You should raised money bougt some land somewhere and build a small city the first city from which others would sprout.
    But no you make teashirts sad.
    I am from Serbia and there is pleanty of cheap land that you can bu and start building and show the world the future.

    • Definitely agree with you. Great idea dies under the sale of t-shirts. Wanted to join the team, but there is nothing here to join.

    • I agree. I’ve been periodically checking in to see what progress they’ve made, but it seems more like a theme park with futuristic homes than any kind of intentional living community, which by the way continues gaining supporters in the US and parts of Europe. Action speaks louder than words Board of Directors and lots of people can see through the “research only” agenda as perpetual fundraising and propaganda.

      • Actually it looks like they are making progress finally. The goal is to make 1/8 of city and build the remaining city after that part

        • Yeah, but sadly there is a lot of time wasted on concepts about bigger cities, but not about more realistic starter city. Now at least they are planning more realistic smaller city-like thing – Center for Resource Management, but there is no update about it for more than a year. Absurd…

          • And what is too relatively very absurd? There is no public fundraiser for a team that’s working to make CfRM a reality with transparent info, how is the money going to be spent. There is just a “Donate ” option with zero transparency. Infinitelly absurd, considering TVP advocates RBE that is about full information transparency…

  3. Considero que el proyecto es interesante, sobre todo intenta una nueva forma de trabajo e integración humana. Voy a profundizar el estudio de los proyectos actuales de Venus y participar en la medida de mis posibilidades. Agradezco la oportunidad de participar e integrarme a un grupo humano que está DESPIERTO a un futuro Creativo, sustentable, integrado al medio ambiente. Mi mente y corazón, actúan con Libertad de pensamiento, con Responsabilidad Social e Individual. sin condicionamientos ideológicos, favoreciendo nuestra evolución como sociedad y como Ser humano consciente de nuestra tarea en ésta Dimensión de Vida en el Universo. Gracias por estar.

  4. Зашёл первый раз на сайт, и сразу нашел эту статью, первое что попало в глаза это футболки/толстовки. Ну это уже пошел просто маркетинг. Ведь действительно после смерти Ж. Фреско, какой мозг способен генерировать подобные мысли, идеи, приходить к подобным выводам.
    О проекте Венера услышал от приятеля, и был восхищён услышанным. Сейчас пересматриваю ролики, интервью Жака Фреско, и получаю уйму нужной информации. Но как подумать… Основатель идеи умер. И как по мне это конец.
    Хотя я был бы только рад быть в таком обществе.

  5. I’m totally into the idea of Venus Project. My opinion on our future is very similiar even if there are points of disagreement. But that’s natural. So this is why my critic will be harsh and honest. I agree to sell tees to promote the idea but this design sucks. The goal in promoting something is to make it desirable for others. To stand out. But with these? No way. It is rather strange though. When someone enters the site there are these cool designs of futuristic stuff. When I saw it I said wow so cool. But after that… there’s just nothing. Yearly plan also. “We will make a book and 3d print a model and…” Man that’s boring. You need supporters, you need fresh new energy and thoughts. It is about the future!!! You need the youth. They are the future. But with this you can’t catch them. The VR stuff is good, focus on that, and make some cool new tees.
    With all respects and best intentions,

  6. My prev comment just gone so I will be short. I like VP but the yearly plan is boring and the tee design too. With this you can’t catch people especially not young ppl. Though this is badly needed for such project to live. I suggest to redesign your tees focus on the VR project that is cool, and think over that plan.
    With sll resoect and best intentions,

  7. Like others have said, absolutely love the concept but it is still so abstract!

    I understand the need to raise funds to keep this project going but t-shirts will not inspire anybody to take this vision seriously.

    I think the VR would be great but so many more things could be made to excite people about the prospect of a new society:

    – Booklets showing how exactly things would work in this new world
    – Interactive sites that educate people about the technology
    – Books outlining exactly what the model would look like and ways in which could be implemented

    That’s just off the top of my head.

    All that being said, I think TVP represents a monumental step that mankind needs to take.

    I admire all the work that you do and hope people can start to see the true benefits of rearranging our society to be better aligned with nature… preferably before it’s too late.

  8. The VP project is something that’s been in my mind since I was a boy.
    When I heard of this project recently I thought it was good.
    I cannot understand why you would start such s project in the US?
    I moved from the UK, to Ghana, I believe God has nudged me here.
    I had the vision of importing many things, then establishing workshops to teach people in the rural areas, a trade a proper trade not a look and see trade.
    People stand you in the back, being a foreigner they thing you have big pockets unlimited supply money.
    I into construction I build quality homes, I do in-house training of all trades bringing standards up to UK, some people like it, other don’t because they don’t understand, looks like I’m pulling them down.
    I’d like to get help both in terms of like minded individuals a on s finances to build a new large development caters for affordable rented accommodation, to budget affordable houses people can buy from there up to mid to executive houses.
    I also want to develop an agriculture cooperative farm, working with local villages, produce better crops, which in turn will help them modernise their villages, bringing new skill and trades to help the youth with jobs.
    I believe this could really work, why, because it would jump technology 40 years, it wouldn’t be a project based or run for huge profits.
    Buy a plot of land about 140′ x140′, now because of greedy buy developers it down to 70′ X 80′, its spreading outwards from city’s to rural areas, due to the large company’s paying high prices for land.
    I think a project like mine would create jobs, train people to higher standards, become next to a non greedy profit driven society.
    It would be nice if money was abolished, before that we have to try projcts boardering on that concept.
    Look at this Corid-19, where are the values? Money Vs people’s and life. Trillions spent on helping business es get going, nothing mentioned for helping individuals. Thought this pandemic and lockdowns it shown hidden people who live day to day no homes ect. They forget about the millions starving 34/7/365, then the refugees from wars …
    This is a wake up call for the world.

  9. Es curioso que para sostener por lo menos esta idea y seguir hablando de ella se requiera recolectar dinero, cuando es lo primero que quiere cambiarse, una sociedad enfocada al dinero y a la ganancia. Curioso también que muchso comentarios aquí sea criticando que no se haya hecho realidad y que recomienden mejorr las camisetas para recolectar más dinero.
    De eso no se trata el proyecto, se trata es de construirlo sin dinero, en esta propuesta el dinero no existirá, sólo la colaboración humana para logara el progreso de la mism humanidad.
    Quien la llama una distopia esta errada, es una utopía que puede realizarse y que si no se hace es por culpa de nosotros mismos que no aceptamos el cambio y seguimos pensando este proyecto detro de la estructura del sistema actual, lo cual es incompatible, para lograrlo, es necesario eliminar el actual sistema.
    Lo que pasa es que el miedo a perder esa ilusión de progueso, fortuna, riqueza que tenemos hoy día que no es más que una ilusión que nos mantiene atados como esclavos al poder de unos pocos, es lo que no nos permite avanzar para hacer realdad este proyecto. Preferimos seguir comiendo de la migajas que cen de la mesa a promover realmente el cambio de sistema por simple temor al cambio y a lo no conocido, así veamos que se ve mucho mejor.
    El proyecto es genial y perfectamente realizable, no le hechomos culpa al señor Fresco que antes quiso compartir esta genialidad con el mundo, la culpa es sólo nuestra por la incapacidad que tenemos de promover el cambio, una sóla prsona no peude hacerlo, se trata de una unidad sí, pero esa unidad es la humanidad.

  10. I wonder how some of the plans are affected by the unseen situation o the world now. Also, how the venus project will respond to COVID-19. Want to see more of the plans to be fulfilled, from the plans for 2020. However things are to be adjusted and new normal will force change things.

  11. This project has been running since 1975? How far are you to actually creating a city like that? It is 2020, people like Elon Musk are now walking the earth. Is the problem financial in nature, or is it structural, for instance materials or machines needed are not yet invented? See my remark on Elon Musk. I saw a lot of interviews of miss Meadows and mr. Fresco, but this all feels a bit like a mental exercise, not an actual attempt to create a micro sustainable environment.

  12. “The Greater the intellect..the greater the need for Play..”Mr Spock said this from Star Trek as they pondered the vacation planet Before them … I have made a study of Futurity and took two years of a fantastic elective course during my JR college years from Dr Wheiley Sacramento city college .. We also studied futurest films and classic utopias and spiritual Predictions and science .. and what I find missing in your promotions is humor .. I know your founder is full of humor , as Walt Disney’s Epcot center also has been quite successful in their expansion by being less robotic …I with all my heart hope you succeed.. and consider being more joyful…As well… Perhaps your future science fiction films will be more humorous.. I spent also a great deal of time studying cults and their behavior…not saying you are a cult but just the the presentation of technical advances can become cold and robotic if humor is not also a part of the future You wish us to share …..

  13. Нет автора, нет реализации, так и останется мечтой. Будущее же будет на крови, религии и войнах.

    Я из 3080 года, ничего не поменялось…

    • Оооо да ты пророк? Ребята, сворачиваемся. Александр сказал, что ничего не получится

  14. I don’t understand why the Venus Project isn’t working towards erasing classism. If some people would be allowed to live in single-family dwellings while others would have to live in multiple-family dwellings, it seems that exclusionism and privilege for the few is going to be perpetuated in this plan.

  15. When I saw your video long time ago, I was so happy! Gave me a lot of inspiration to continue to “dream”. That was/IS a reality that I would like to live in. No money, the world belonging to everyone. All about education, doing what made us happy, no need to ‘have’ things. No waist.
    Everything is provided. No wars, no lack. No competition, but cooperation. And all about what was/IS for ALL our best and highest good!!! This is reality I would like to live in!!!

  16. Maybe I just didn’t see it, but I think being able to get a tablecloth or laminated table covering with the city that is on the table at the research center would be great. Every time I see the table in a tour I’m like: “Man, a real city would be great but I will definitely have a table like that first!” Haha. I really like that you will be selling models but I just hope they aren’t expensive as I imagine they must be to make. Seems like bumper stickers would be the way to go over t-shirts but I’m biased since I haven’t bought a shirt in ages. My only thought on the podcasts is that I’m sure I would be slightly disappointed on episodes that didn’t have Roxanne (or Nate/Joel) in them. Obviously there’s a lot of people waiting on that Joe Rogan interview just so our friends who had more questions than we could handle but wouldn’t look into it finally do!

  17. Замечательная идея. Жаль, что меня вряд ли услышат организаторы проекта. Если не получается создать город, сделайте хотя бы деревню и покажите что-то реально осязаемое – лучшие достижения на основах проекта. Такими темпами вера в проект растеряется даже у тех, кто готов участвовать в нём.

    • Я – сторонник проекта, но сейчас всё в проекте платно. Только мечты о прекрасном будущем бесплатны или видео. Что уже сейчас проект предлагает бесплатно на основе тех ресурсов, которые уже доступны, или которые предлагают люди, поддерживающие проект?
      Почему нужно собирать много лет деньги, если проекту нужны ресурсы (для распределения их между всеми участниками)? Собирайте ресурсы и приглашайте на бесплатное проживание людей, желающих работать и жить в проекте. Так мы сами будем заинтересованы отдавать свою собственность, способности и ресурсы в проект. Всё это можно сразу использовать на благо участников или на первых этапах продать и купить больше земли или более необходимых для проекта ресурсов.

  18. I think you should stop producing t-shirts. I think you should start to build these cities and so you can show the future everyone. I think there will be many volunteers to help you on this project like me. If you do that it will be a huge impact on this system.

    • +1. Pero también pienso que la gente que intenta de alguna manera dirigir esta corriente de conocimiento, ve muy pero muy dificultosa la manera de concretar prototipos, etc. Ya que no debemos olvidar que los recursos son limitados por algunas personas que no los quieren soltar! Ni por una idea tan buena como esta. Soy amante de la Metal-mecánica, tengo conocimientos de automatización y otras cosas. Doy FE que mucho de lo propuesto tecnológicamente, es posible, no digo todo, porque no lo se, tendría que estudiar o tener la oportunidad de saber realmente como funcionan. Es muy probable que también sean posible.

  19. по сути Фреско предлагает абсолютную демократию,но для этого нужны в-первую очередь не ресурсы,т.к. ресурсы есть всегда,Фреско пытается донести людям то что нам нужно в корне поменять своё мышление…Я попытаюсь объяснить более простым языком.Возьмём к примеру технологическую сингулярность:это та точка невозврата в технологическом развитии,когда развитие уже полностью выходит из под контроля человечества,становится автономным.Но в самом процессе заложена программа или идея,как хотите,в которой прописаны основные законы:не нарушить природный баланс и улучшить человеческую жизнь.Фреско пытается донести людям идею о сингулярности человеческого мышления а не технологического процесса(тех.процесс. имеет вторичную задачу.)Поэтому большинство людей его не слышат ,потому что не могут понять до конца.Он мечтал создать мир в котором будут жить высокоинтеллектуальные люди,которые в совокупности будут составлять ту самую сингулярность .Такими людьми нельзя манипулировать,их невозможно обмануть или подчинить ради выгоды.В этом есть Фреско и только потом технологии.

  20. I think the People from the Venus Project should even one time go to the Vipassana meditation Centre.

    You are given, food, shelter, and time for learning meditation. They Established Thousands of places around the world.

    They started small and the rest is from donations in Currency or Time by the people witch they helped.

    It could work in the venus project. Just Give people food and shelter. Help them work on resolving some problems driven by new technology without worrying about money.
    Give People opportunity to somehow help it if they liked it.

    T-shirts and scriptures are nice. but alone it won’t cut it. Real tangible work will

  21. T-shirts or a cool clothing line will be good as long as you create for what is trending. Perhaps work with someone famous to promote and share profits or maybe even try to invest in a new talent so any goods sold can go towards fund raising. Also, if you are leading towards robotics having a major role in this utopian future, it will benefit you to start building them – robotics are the future for capitalism also so you could make a killing there if you can come up with innovative ideas before others. If reforestation is going to be common, there’s another place to start – nurseries. You can promote the venus project as you sell trees and plants through non-profits. Please use your plans for this project as a way to raise the funds desperately needed by starting small companies that will end up within the project eventually. Even if they become mainstream within the current economic platform, having them already in existence helps materialise what is needed to move forward with the project. Think hard people! Oh, commenters, critism is only good if it is constructive. Anyone can see flaws, what is harder to see is solutions.

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