The Venus Project Receives Free Hosting Support From SiteGround

SiteGround is a hosting company that provides the space where The Venus Project hosts its websites and Recently, SiteGround offered The Venus Project one year of free hosting under their excellent Host a Cause program.

The Venus Project’s websites serve some very important purposes: they enable people to learn about the solutions we propose, guide volunteers on how to get involved, and allow supporters to share this information within their circles. For several years now, SiteGround has provided and maintained the underlying server technology that enables our websites to function properly. When The Venus Project has a new event to share, such as Roxanne Meadows’ presentation in Dubai, our supporters spread it on the Internet. Consequently, a large number of people visit our website to see the new material and learn about our progress. It is therefore of utmost importance that the technology works reliably when larger numbers of people come to our websites, and this is what SiteGround has ensured.

We would like to express our gratitude to SiteGround for their support. The Venus Project’s vision includes using the best of science and technology to provide a high quality of life for all people and to protect and restore our planet’s ecosystems. Support like that from SiteGround helps us continue working towards this vision. We are now initiating a major step towards these aims with the Center for Resource Management.

Update (Aug 7, 2020): SiteGround has extended their hosting donation by one more year.
Update (Aug 25, 2021): Extended by one more year again. Thank you!
Update (Aug 18, 2022): Extended again for a year.
Update (July 14, 2023): Extended for another year.


  1. Why should we know about this hosting company or another hosting company? Advertisement should not be a part of the the transitional system, unless serves a useful purpose – What is this article for?

    • Hello Op. We thought that it would be a great expression of our gratitude to post an article about this gesture, and to show others that many people want to support The Venus Project with what they have, and that this is a viable way to do so.

      SiteGround made a donation of 1 year of free hosting – there was nothing that they requested back, no advertising or anything.

      Hope this clarifies it but let us know if not.

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