Research Center/Tour

Many of the presented ideas are being translated into reality today. The first phase of The Venus Project has been completed in a 21-acre research center in still pristine south-central Florida, where the future is currently taking shape. The actual buildings and conference center are supplemented by models, illustrations, blueprints, posters, books, videos and CGI presentations. These are the first steps that have been completed to help one see, feel, and touch the future.

Address 21 Valley Lane, Venus, FL, 33960
Price $200 per person/household
Package contents
Reservations We have a limited number of seats at the Research Center therefore we would like to kindly ask you to send us an email with subject line TOUR to [email protected]​ so we can reserve your seat for the seminar.

Please send us the following information:

  • Which Saturday would you like to come?
  • How many people (with names) will be attending the tour with you?
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  • A phone number in case of an emergency on our end and we need to contact you.

Building Designs

Why are the first buildings designed for The Venus Project dome-shaped? The dome requires the least amount of material to enclose a given area. It offers ease of fabrication and prefabrication. It is the shape of maximum strength and stability. When properly engineered, the dome can withstand extremely high wind loads and is resistant to earthquakes, termites, rodents, and fire. Most of all, being constructed of concrete, it preserves our forests.

The domes use reinforced concrete, which is readily available and easy to fabricate. It is well insulated and soundproof. It offers limitless potential of free-form design configuration.

We can fabricate kitchen cabinets, furniture and a great deal of the interior as an integral part of the building, which requires little maintenance and repair.

Nature has evolved the dome configuration as the most efficient enclosure for the human brain; thus, it could be said that we all live in domes!

The buildings shown are the shape of things to come – not just the shape of architecture, but of a way of life that is attainable now. It can be clean, secure, high-tech, aesthetically pleasing, and yet in harmony with nature.

The Venus Project provides the best of science and technology while preserving nature’s balance.

Location of the Research Center