Thinking in Systems for Global Well-Being: A Thought on the COVID19 Pandemic

A common enemy is not only at our door, but could infiltrate in through our loved ones. All that people can do now is to take desperate preventive measures to mitigate the threat of a violent intruder possibly devastating their lives.

We are observing governments around the world reacting erratically to the threat, because the system we currently live in is far too overconfident and underprepared for events such as these.

A healthcare system that focuses on supporting the sick, instead of being integrated and interacting with every part of the system we live in (keeping healthy people healthy), will only be able to have a weak reactive stance rather than a vigorous preventive one.

Historically speaking we have improved through the years in awareness and vaccines, but … still not good enough…. why?

The parts within a system (or systems within the system) are fighting each other because the focus of the grander system is property, wealth, and power. Anything that interferes with this is realigned, disregarded, or removed from the equation.

Pharmaceutical companies need to generate wealth, which is generated by illness (both mental and physical), thus working against a health care system that tries to care.

The allowance of conspiracy theories to propagate through media, weakening the public’s trust in proven preventative measures (which were written in blood), further deteriorates confidence.

Transport companies need to make money, transporting disease from one country to another. Our civilization (if you can call it that) is working against us.

We need to go to jobs to feed our families and meet our basic needs, regardless of the threats, potentially bringing home a deadly foe initially masquerading as a ‘common’ seasonal cold.

In a scarcity system which generates a mindset of hoarding, withholding and depriving people of resources (including vital information), what is generated is low social capital (low trust, cooperation and reciprocity), i.e. a highly individualistic society. How can we begin to tackle world threats if we are divided with artificial boundaries & values, and plagued with vested interests?

If we are to see a world that acts in unison against a common threat, we must transform the focus of (in summary) profit into a focus of taking care of the earth and everyone on it.

We have been severely desensitized to the threat of war, poverty, crime, racism, bigotry, embezzlement, corruption, environmental destruction, territorial disputes, economic conflicts, and nuclear and AI arms races⁠—all problems which require a united world to fix them. If we do not unite for these pressing issues, how can we even begin to unite and cooperate now?

Boost your immune systems, quarantine yourselves as much as possible, follow advice from the WHO, and learn more about The Venus Project at

Theofilos Chaldezos

Update: WHO Amendment

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been criticized for deception, under-reacting, and downplaying the problem of the COVID19 virus. It is an example of how parts within our current global system are not operating in unison to prioritize on the well-being of people and the environment. We mention the WHO here only for the advice that is offered to the public on how to take preventative measures and nothing more.

An informative video on how the WHO failed to do its job timely and efficiently is this one.

And the WHO advice we recommend is this.

Greek version below:


  1. A lot of “blabs” in this post … He is using the old language with high-order abstract words with no clear referent and it is not at all helpful. I suggest the author reads the Tyranny of words from Stuart Chase, a book that Jacques Fresco used to recommend.

    Also, it is just misleading to talk about “boosting the immune system”… there is no such thing in the scientific literature…

    • When I write something, I am always glad to receive feedback from my audience that assists me in developing my skills further. I have read Tyranny of Words (thanks for the suggestion) I have also read Science and Sanity and Language in Thought and Action. I have also listened and analyzed Jacque Fresco’s lectures (on Communication, and “Inadequacy of Language” from the classic lectures). You are welcome to read my 4 page post on the subject:

      Immune system: Although you are technical correct in that you cannot “boost”your immune system as the word suggests. Like most systems in the body, if it could go into overdrive it would possibly result in us becoming more unwell through cell and tissue damage (see autoimmune conditions). However, there are nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are required to support the normal functioning of your immune system. Most of these, except for vitamin D, can be sourced from a well-rounded, healthy diet. Which as far as I am aware of a lot of people don’t have access to it, don’t know what one looks like, or have eating habits that do not support a healthy life. (please see:

      Malnutrition can impair immune function. (please see:

      Going back to Vitamin D, Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as an increased susceptibility to infection. (please see :

      When I used the word Boost I was using it to summarize the above assuming that I do not need to lower the order of abstraction to quarks and leptons.

      Thank you for you feedback.

      • By the way, recently, I ve been reading Language in Thought and Action and there in the book were discussed so called “affective and informative connotations of a word”. May I therefore assume that you were using consciously words and phrases with strong affective connotations, so that people would be more impressed and get interested in TVP ?

        Im sorry if there are mistakes in my English. I m not a native speaker.

        • I didn’t put much thought in what I was writing in the previous comment: there is no suggestions and I cant really find any sence in it. I would delete it but I don’t know how.
          Anyway, thanks for what your are doing, Theofilos. It’s nice to realize that there are people who are interested in changing this world and endeavor to do this. I appreciate you. Good luck!

    • You can absolutely boost your immune system. My children used to be on antibiotics for everything under the sun until I realized how bad sugar in all forms except fruit lowers your immune system. So they are allowed to have some sugar but as soon as they are starting to not feel well they willing avoid sugar. They’ve seen how it effects their body without me having to deprive them. Additionally, garlic, onions, fermented foods make an incredible impact on improving your immunity which is based in your gut.

      • Sun-induced skin rash has nothing to do with the strength of the immune system Excessive sugar intake interferes with the function of some essential B vitamins and one of the consequences is sunburn.

      • Try Kombucha. It’s a fermented drink made from organic tea that kills cancer in all 4 stages. Read Dr Rudolf Sklenar’s book written about his 30 years of research on this. Truly amazing what the body can accomplish with proper nutrients.

  2. Managing and curing this pandemic is of course paramount at this time, but there are also some concerning trends related to how the economics of the world will change once this pandemic is over. It is possible that America could have a second great depression and the concept of Universal Basic Income looks likely to gain a lot more traction since it is essentially being used now to help people cope with the lack of employment. Near total automation of workplaces will also get a strong boost as a means of future proofing the economy against being effected by things like this pandemic.

    The only problem I have with introducing Universal Basic Income (with the addition of eventual near total automation of businesses) is that it removes regular people’s only means of keeping business and corporations in check. Without the option of striking since there would essentially be no human employees, businesses and corporations would have complete free reign in everything and would likely turn the world into a neo-feudal dystopia.

    It could however work very well with the addition of these three conditions.

    1. Unite all the people in the world in a global human cooperative.

    2. The worlds entire energy network in addition to all robotics and automation (the means of production) be made the sole property of this cooperative. Thus being equally owned by all the people of the world and businesses and corporations have no share of ownership of them.

    3. Any business that wishes to use electricity or automation must lease the use of such from this cooperative (the people of the world) with strict conditions such as, they engage in nothing that violates human rights, nothing that harms the ecosystem, nothing that contributes to war, nothing that exploits or impoverishes anyone, etc etc.

    We are in a time now where everyone has time to think and to ponder things. We are seeing measures being taken to tackle the economic effects of the pandemic happen near overnight, after we were told for decades that doing things like this were impossible. And with what looks like a second great depression on the horizon people will see how all the resources are still there, just like Jacque Fresco saw during the great depression.

    There are video clips of people from the Federal Reserve saying how they create money just by changing a few numbers on a computer screen (literally proving it’s fictional straight from the horses mouth) and billionaires asking their employees to go without pay while the billionaire could pay them out of his own pocket for less the 1% of his net worth.

    Now is the time to prepare a message that comprehensively points out all these things and explains in detail the technical and alternative economic solutions that can change things for everyone’s benefit. People will be strongly wanting security from the risk of not having food, water, healthcare, housing, education and other requirements for human well being, while seeing huge corporate bailouts happen all around them. Once the corona virus is no longer a threat, we need to make the effort to achieve as much global information sharing and cooperation to get this done as we can.

    • No corporations if not Capitalism, holmes. Start with no ownership of resources. Otherwise, yes, my thoughts have emerged in you. Now go further and spread them.

      • I too want corporations to be abolished and everything be for the shared benefit of everyone and the entire planet. What I’ve stated here are my thoughts on a potentially achievable stepping stone towards that goal. Also I do everything I can to spread them for years. I’m part of the transition movement, world summit, and spread information about The Venus Project as much as I can, even to the President of Ireland who is currently advocating for Universal Basic Services.

        • i gave question for you:
          if this world is Resource Based Economy:
          1. is technology corporation like microsoft or facebook will be deleted or not?
          2. is politic will be no longer exist?

          • Before I give my personal views on what the answers to your question could be (since when trying to anticipate a future event you must first accept that there will be multiple possibilities for what may or may not happen) I do want to be clear that I personally am not part of The Venus Project team. I’m just someone who supports it and tries to share information about it.

            1: The concept of corporation is something that is owned and run by a select few and they exclusively get the majority of benefit from it (money, under the current economic system). Ultimately such a model will have to be transitioned away from in favor of essentially a form of universal collective ownership where all the systems that exist to produce and run things are equally owned by everyone in the world for the equal benefit of everyone in the world.

            This makes the concept of ownership redundant and systems that serve no beneficial purpose for humanity and the ecosystem, or are obsolete under the new socio-economic model would be phased out. Means of communication and information sharing would be improved upon however, and not feature advertising or other forms of manipulation.

            2: Political will would actually flourish, but would be acted upon much more directly. This would be the result of everyone being directly engaged with and participating in society and the decision making process, with political agents to act as representative intermediaries on people’s behave no longer being part of the system. This would be much like the concept of direct democracy, but would also incorporate subjects in the education system to ensure everyone has a solid working knowledge of the things that directly effect the lives of themselves and the places they live in.

            Improvements in E-Gov style information and citizen interaction systems will be needed to facilitate everyone having an equal voice, and the use of the best available tools to figure out precise and accurate solutions would be used to actually know what actions would genuinely work best instead of just assuming something would work. For example using a super computer to run a simulation on how a bridge design will perform over a 20-50 year period and identify any parts of it that would need improving before construction even begins.

            As I said I am not part of The Venus Project team. These are just my thoughts as someone who is interested in The Venus Project. I hope you found my answers helpful.

      • I believe the Idea of points to replace Money is the easiest and fast way to start to create a world without the existence of Money is: ( TVP ) points to pay for a work or a favour, in this way Money is not in use so it is not needed and also are not negotiable example, my friend Peter say to fix my car I need to pay $ 50 USD and I will pay him with ( TVP ) 50 points. lest think about this

    • I like your comments. You have thought provoking ideas that can be seriously discussed. Your idea of forrming a co-op might be a good way for a RBE to manage a cashless economy.

    • It is true. I cannot think of a more appropriate or crucial time for The Venus to Put a video out there that briefly (in less than 5 minutes) explains why the ideas of the Resource-Based Economy (Jacques Fresco’s ideas) are the correct direction for the world’s societies to take. The video could then direct the viewer to visit the advertising budget would need to be large enough to get the video advertised heavily on Facebook and YouTube, right now, but the luckily the editing and production could be done at a very low cost with the software of today.

    • Thank you for your suggestion, I did look into it but I found challenges which are developed by the current system in place. What I found is that there are significant gaps remain in implementation of the One Health approach at subnational admin levels. There are other priorities in individual countries and funding deficiencies. So I decided not to include this in here as they haven’t worked it out yet. Sounds alright in theory I agree and I would like to see something like this work after they have “ironed” out the issues.

  3. Good Day! There is “something” behind everything, we suppose to go to the roots of the problems. Needs to open our ears, eyes and minds. Here on this planet, a ruling cosmic family is controlling literally EVERYTHING, economy, social life, media, money… They are a cosmic race, and came with a mission, to bring Free Will and Negativity to this planet dwellers. To have choice to make between Positive and Negative, to help/boost the soul evolution. Making it short, the did an excellellent job, for tens of thousands of years. And now, we are at the end days of the looong cosmic cycle, the planet is is in the Big Harvest. Here is a report from 2008, with Hidden Hand, it explains everything (for me).

  4. True!

    The only problem in this world, the real devile is selfishness.

    I’ve come up to the conclusion that theorically, for every single recommadation, idea or proposition of the venus project to have an echo, one would have to lower selfishness lying in absolutly everyone on this planete to level zero (no trade-off possible).

    This is the requirement which should precede Jacques’s one for resources based economy: All the resources of the world belongs to humanity regardless of location!

  5. Guys this is the time where we have to change ourselves and this system, we need to call for a basic income and start from there, sharing work, most are sitting at home and only a few work themselves sick, later open the knowledge, call to remove patent laws and the secrets pf companies so we get all the knowledge about technology, but also the numbers of sells, of needs and wants, which we can feed into a global open-source database with all informations that are necessery to plan production and distribution. For example: Here in Germany they spend 1.5 billion (trillion) Euros to “rescue the economy”, A basic income in Germany would cost around one billion a year, the richest ten percent have 6.500 million Euros, so it is more than enough money which can be turned back in time for a change, but Germany is too small, it could work as an example, as a positive example, but it doesn’t even have the ressources to feed the own population, so we need to call worldwide for a basic income, but not an unconditional, the problem about this are not the unemployed that much, ways more people that have a good income from their jobs that would rather take both, the basic income and the income from their jobs than share the job. It is impossible to get enough money together to build a prototype of a ressource based economy, for the Venus Project, we need to take responsibility ourselves instead of waiting for the next “Jesus”, no one will come and save and cure us, it will not happen people.

    • There are actually calls for Universal Basic Services right now, which are very along the lines of what The Venus Project advocates. Basically Universal Basic Services are free healthcare, free education, free public transport, free shelter/housing, free food, free legal aid & democracy, free information/internet, free clean water, and free electricity. This video explains how this could be achieved under the monetary system:

      It would be a start. Here is a very interesting article in which the writer postulates 4 different social outcomes after this pandemic ends.

      here are going to be some nations that will have their social supports collapse due to going to excess attempting to maintain capitalism. Others will work toward state socialism with elements of mutual aid (depending on the values of the nations culture). So Universal Basic Services will like emerge in these places. Automation will no doubt be implemented at a faster rate just about everywhere.

      The implementation of Universal Basic Services and automation are a stepping stone, but by themselves would not lead to a Resource Based Economy. Changes to education syllabuses from ages 4 to 18 will be needed to include things like sociology, environmental economics (with a focus on self sustaining post monetary systems), community development and general sustainable engineering all with a global citizenship focus. From this point more can be worked towards.

  6. Great article, Theofilos!

    The United States will soon have a presidential election. This presents an opportunity for The Venus Project. I wish Roxanne would consider the possibilities. We are living in unprecedented times where anything is possible.

    • I’m not so sure. Look at how much resistance there is against even what Bernie Sanders is trying to do from the establishment, and that doesn’t even come close to the level of change advocated for by The Venus Project. Besides, the money free party is trying this approach as it is. I suppose using technologies like-


      Virtual Agents:


      together it could be possible to have the people of America collectively be “the President” in regard to authority and executive power, while having a diplomatic figurehead to represent the country but does not have executive power. But with the diverse and conflicting unsane value systems and deficiencies in the general education system, that couldn’t work in America right now. There are people in America who would cooperate with each other for the benefit of everyone and the environment, but there are also many who would do the exact opposite. America needs undeniable proof of concept and many social and economic changes to happen first.

  7. This video & the information in it seems to be a bit forced.
    Plus it reminds me of some tacky scientology videos with cliche images etc.

    Some of the phrases like…

    “violent intruder ”
    “(which were written in blood)”
    “Transport companies need to make money, transporting disease from one country to another.”
    “thus working against a health care system that tries to care”
    “deadly foe ”
    “(if you can call it that)”

    Should have been left out or re-written in more down to earth ways. IMHO.

    Covid-19 and it’s disruption to everyday life, especially in the distribution of essentials like food & supplies etc is a huge issue. If it were automated from production/manufacturing to distribution to households there would/should be no disruption in supply.
    Also, the fact that we have “necessary” human to human contact/interaction in “work”/”jobs” that could/should be automated in a more advanced civilization is the other huge factor of covid-19 spread.

    It’s hard to say definitively if the covid-19 impact would be more or less in a Venus project type society/world. It may be less in areas like essential supplies, it may be more among people if they interacted as much or more in recreational/social way. It could also depend on detection, communication, cooperation, science etc etc.

    Either way, with or without covid-19, our societies and our #SocialEvolution is stagnated in outdated, wasteful, destructive, divisive ways that we can and should eliminate if we are concerned about humanity.

    • Current use of language is still subject to personal interpretation, so the exact meaning of the creator of the video can’t be identical to how viewers interpret it. All anyone can do is try to relate to the intention of what he was trying to communicate. I think within the fully realized Venus Project the automation of production and most services would permit switching production to what is most needed to be fairly quick. Food and supplies could be delivered by robotic means helping to facilitate staying at home, and the healthcare system would never be under resourced or lacking in required equipment and machines.

      Monitoring and testing for the spread of such a virus would also be much more reliable and long distance tourism might be less frequent since people will have less stress in their daily lives, and have access to vacation like areas nearby. Pandemics like this one would also be less likely to occur since humanity would not be encroaching on natural habitats of animals carrying such diseases that we have no resistance to.

      Under the current monetary system the majority of people will face struggling to cope with excessive debt and trying to ensure they can get enough work to earn a suitable wage once this pandemic is over. The ironic thing is that the debt the majority of people live under (Rent, bills, food cost etc) are the most straight forward to neutralize with systems that freely provide what they need. Humanity also has always had the means to fund creating the systems needed to transition out of the monetary system, but have been conditioned not to realize it. If one day a billion people decided to chip in an average of €1.00 each towards getting something done, that’s $1 billion dollars just like that.

  8. The problem with this post is you are working from a false premise. The ‘virus’ does not exist as you think. Also vaccines? Really? They have never, nor will ever work.
    The ‘virus’ is a cellular reaction to disease, not cause. Furthermore it is not contageous. Ironically, it is being used to bring in a ‘system’ of New World Order.

    • How do you know that what you know is more relevant than what the ‘official’ narrative ? What helps you arrive at the conclusion that this is indeed more relevant ?

      (These questions do not imply my stance on the subject, please do not interpret that. I am simply curious to know how you arrive at decisions as I myself often question how whatever information I come across could be relevant)

  9. If TVP is going to take “advantage” of the current Covid situation to open the world’s eyes…Be strategic in implementing a plan but DO something. Why are they not all over social media and making a strong case for change during this crisis??

  10. “… follow advice from the WHO” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    What a monumental expression of IGNORANCE!!!
    (or alternatively, are you guys consciously in bed with Bill Gates and his WHO backed plans to mass vaccinate the whole planet and chain it with his micro chip?…)

      • Hello author of this post and other commentators, I have been following Jacques work continuously since 2019. Solutions proposed by venus project are fitting to our problems. By fitting I mean Solutions seem to actually solve the issues.

        Now, I want to talk about this pandemic and current inflation. It is clear that the WHO and leaders of evru country are working together to actually enslave people through lockdowns,killing small businesses,taking over private property and farms.

        Vaccine is causing deaths, all vaccines have agenda behind them it seems to me.

        Venus project need to look into it more. There is no conspiracy theory here. I know people who got heart attack ks and died in my perosnal circle after the jab.

  11. I would be interested in hearing others’ opinions about why people/governments/etc do not pursue suggested ideas. A fairer, sustainable world seems an obvious way forward, but I assume there’s a very good (real) reason why most do not change. For example, what is it that makes the leaders of the largest economies behave the way they do? What makes power etc their desire (assuming it is)? I have to start with myself, and ask, what would it take for me to turn my world inside out; sell
    my home and my possessions, stop contributing to all forms of unsustainable or polluting or unfair behaviour? I am not sure any form of knowledge would change me. Perhaps I am genetically programmed with certain behavioural traits which I have to consciously overcome but lack the ability to do so. Focusing on a better system seems like a great idea, but I wonder why we are preoccupied with perpetuating unfair and unsustainable behaviours.

    • The very short answer to your concern is interpretation.

      The elaborated one is, because of associated beliefs in our memories, we are lead to interpret that things can or cannot be done based on sole personal experience as if it was valid enough to justify whether we engage in a certain endeavor.

      Coupled with that mechanism, those in position of power have developed high self esteem and self confidence – wrongfully considered beneficial today. It not always is. I.e. Hitler – preventing them from questioning their perception to calibrate it and rather staying overconfident that their interpretation is what is and should be.

      Behavioral Science and introspection offer a framework to better understand what shape our behavior and avoid opinion as well as interpretation and therefore have a basis that is more accurate in relation to reality but more importantly, reveals what behaviors could be prevented for more effective problem-solving.

  12. In a time of crisis all kinds of “saviors” appear, and terrified sheep follow them. While i agree that RBE could possibly handle it better, pushing it now feels like gathering herd of sheep in distress. Their mindset is wrong, they look for miraculous cure and does not understand that it is them that need to change and savior here has nothing to with it…

    Just some personal opinion.

  13. This article is pure propaganda pushing the Fear Porn. You mention conspiracy theories but neglect what Jacque has said SO MANY TIMES. How do you know when the doctor says you need your appendix out if you really need it out or if he needs to pay off his boat loan?

    That should be the question you ask in this article. How do you KNOW the science or lack thereof (ie RT-PCR testing RNA strains instead of actually testing for a virus) is legitimate or if a Vaccine industry is trying to con humanity.

    But nope, you lost your way and have stooped to fear mongering. This article is devoid of all science and its not representative of what Jacque Fresco promoted in his lifetime.

    • If I understand your comment, was it to emphasize the importance of questioning the intention behind someone’s action ?

      If so, there would seem to be so many things that could be beneficial but are actually harmful within a system where profit and wealth are the core values. Exemple, AI utilized to apply more surveillance and control on humans instead of liberating and freeing them. Isn’t it ?

  14. I think it’s time of Venus Project to boost your audience investing heavily in making videos like this. People are avid to see alternative approaches for social/economic life. Where are the translation teams? In the past I contributed with some translations from English to Brazilian Portuguese, mainly for the r Movement. I would like to translate this video to Portuguerse if you can send me the subtitles and the video. So we can post the Portuguese version in YouTube channel.

    • It would be nice to see something come out of the venus project that is not just talk, videos and audio tapes. something that defines a real tangible thing instead of just pointing out problems. presenting an opportunity is what this movement seems to always lack.

      personally I have a difficult time grasping the concepts of a resource based economy. I get the theory and it sounds nice but it seems like they say you are bad for owning things as everyone needs to own everything at equal share. I get that concept but what is really being given but talk?

      people and monkeys are very similar. they want what they see. it is how they are designed. if a tree has fruit then they take it. it seems like this basic instant is not being taken into consideration by the venus project. they say give us what you have and do not want and at some point we might present you with an something that you will be given when it is already there.

      my take is this.
      the venus project is nothing more then evolution.
      evolution can not exist if revolution exists.
      however the concepts of evolution and revolution can not exists if one is only able to exist all the time. if that was the case then it would be stagnate and the new norm.

      the concepts are much like religious beliefs. the belief itself exists but is not tangible and are always in question. sure Christians have their church’s, their followers, and even a book which talks about jesus but jesus never wrote anything, they are just written versions of what one somehow experienced or witnessed. the belief is anything but tangible and there for always in question if it exists.

      the belief of the venus project is much the same.

      it is a new cage with a view. I personally think it is one that would support life unlike the current cage of nonsense but what do I know?

      • The question going forward after the pandemic is how much of the systems approach to society, economics and governance are the majority of people currently able to accept and willing to implement. It is very difficult for most people to comprehend how things could work without money, being so acclimated to the current economic system.

        What we are likely to see will be some countries could potentially take on some things The Venus Project advocates, and other countries forced into severe collapse due to authoritarian attempts to force the old system to continue. Elements compatible with The Venus Project that would result in social changes that would make The Venus Project seem more reasonable and practical are as follows.

        Universal Basic Services:

        Democratic Circular Eco-social Economy: Based on Cooperatives working together

        Direct Democracy:

        These three things aren’t outside of when most people could understand and would seem like practical ways to recover from the upcoming economic depression after this pandemic is over. Continuing on from this, educational reform to add things like Community Development, Environmental Economics and Global Citizenship to the curriculum for second level (high school) education would contribute to making the general population more in favor of a systems approach and global cooperation.

        Some areas within countries that adopt this approach will be good locations for building proof of concept for The Venus Project such as the Center for Resource Management. Then we’ll really be getting somewhere.

        • Firstly I have been following Jacques work for the best part of 20 years, and I agree with most of it and in a “perfect world” (loaded) believe it’s an appropriate angle give or take.

          But this is not a perfect world.

          Science is strongly corrupted, the integrity of data is at its lowest point, and most people believe whats on the surface and fail to look further.
          The “pandemic” is a manufactured event, but judging by some peoples behaviours, the surface is all they care to know, and people are pretty content in observing the carrot instead of the hand.

          Meanwhile, the “pandemic” is serving the exact purpose it was made for, and that’s to give platform and reason to push a pre-planned social and economic reset which is made very evident by the activities of elite bodies like United Nations and World economic forums. Both these bodies push elements of their UN agenda 21/2030 and “The great reset” which are being rolled out as we speak in various formats. So if you think the world plods along, all innocent-like without its various wizard of Oz architects, well then you would be greatly mistaken in that respect.

          Because everything happens for a reason!
          But ask yourself this! This “New World Order” is being pushed out by the same psychologically impaired psychos that butchered the previous economic and social systems, so are we really going to be better off? and which of us will be lucky enough to live through the transition? Because you do realise that the people involved with this transition all pretty much sing the same simple tune.

          “reduce the world population and change the worlds economic and social systems.”

          On a side note, the powers that be, are peddling this “pandemic” on dead scientific theory.
          Yeah! the science they are using to lock you down, the medical paradigm being used to torture you and your loved ones are built on the completely outdated scientific paradigm.

          Are you ok with that sort of dishonesty? Would you date a liar? Would you want to be lead by one?

          I get it, we are all hungry for change, but don’t let your hunger blind you to the danger ahead. The prudent will survive, and the smartest still will even thrive under such conditions, but the ones that go on ahead without thorough analysis will surely suffer the consequences of their actions.

          These are dangerous but very exciting times.
          Good luck, and stay safe.

  15. Humanos.
    Aquellos que sentimos como un rayo de luz que se entromete en este oscuro sistema perverso y obsoleto tenemos que actuar. Cómo?
    Informarte tú, informa, dialogar, debatir, con paciencia, recuerda que las personas están educadas para no cuestionar y temer a lo nuevo.
    Estas personas del proyecto Venus están haciendo una gran labor, diría “LA LABOR”.
    Ayudemos entre los que firmemente creemos en el cambio, la alternativa a un sistema teñido de dolor, angustia, miedo, enfermedad, pobreza.
    Es un momento en la historia de la humanidad en la cual disponemos de más tiempo de lo normal.
    Ser optimistas.

  16. “Survival of the Fittest” is the “system” by which our world operates and there are no man-made systems that can overcome this harsh reality. Strong people survive Covid19 while the weakest among us perish.

  17. Cassiano Reinert Novais dos Santos
    The video will be open for translation very soon. Please keep an eye on the LTI forum to see when.
    Thanks for wanting to help!

  18. “quarantine yourselves as much as possible, follow advice from the WHO” –
    this is the end of all that you had say upper. This recommendation is dirt sunset in muddy clouds of “sunnyday” that you discribed .
    WHO – one of the most discredited representatives of the System that you
    are claimed on. So your concluding words is exhortation to follow the System priinciples of obedience .
    “quarantine yourselves as much as possible” – is it the same essence that The Venus Project contains in?

  19. We people are being lied to about this so called ‘pandemic’ and here you guys are going along with the ‘official version of events’ as told to us by MSM and governments around the world are you too afraid of going against the grain because you fear repercussions?

  20. I would like to say so many things about this world, but in this case I just say to all of you that I will try to realize in Berlin what has so far remained confined to our imagination, a new project based on the principles of “The Venus Project”, and you can believe me I will succeed it! I have the right strength to accomplish such a goal!

    Stay safe!
    Alessandro Michelucci

  21. Ms. Roxanne, I’ve not heard from you at all. I’ve sent you the materials you requested concerning our University in Cap-Haitian. Give me a sign to a follow-up to our discussion… I’m back in Cap-Haitian. Shalom!

  22. Остаётся только верить. Но верить искреннее и от всего сердца.

  23. Theofilos,

    Thank you for your post. The immediate challenge is an aggressive virus. The real threats are the systemic failure of leadership which continues to put the future at risk for our current and future generations, to say nothing of millions of species that we are directly responsible for eradicating in the only biosphere capable of sustaining human life.

    Most of the issues we’re facing with this pandemic were known as we (all countries) were aware of the prior 3 pandemics that were mostly contained. This is our 4th pandemic in this century and we’re not even 25% of the way through. We have more information than ever before yet few have the patience and wisdom to action the lessons and make the investments for the long view. This is only a test as the potential for a much deadlier pandemic exists and is predicted. Further, we still have the accelerating challenges of climate change and the destabilization of our biosphere that are well underway. This is yet another test and one that is an inevitability.

    We are a very young species, but we hold much promise. Our single greatest failure is that of leadership. We have managed to overcome bad leadership as a few enlightened leaders were able to guide our civilizations to new heights. Now, we face the next series of tests that threaten our existence since we may not have the time to outlast the current vacuum of leadership.

    Our greatest strength is the ability to unite and collaborate as there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Organizations like TVP need to raise their voices in a collective manner to overcome the din of ignorance and fear spread (like a self-propagating virus) by failed leaders. There is still time, but the clock is ticking and nature is not on our side (99.9% of all species have perished on this earth, our home, our only home).

  24. Hi Roxane,
    I discovered Jacque’s videos and his ideas for a better world, about 12 years ago.

    Lately, I came across a lot of positive comments about The Venus Project. There is a lot of relevance to Jacque’s legacy in everything is happening with humanity, now in 2020.
    “This is the best alternative for the entire world! We need this now, more than ever before!! Embrace the change that’ll end this Pandemic and get us back on track for leading the lives we’ve always dreamed” 

    I reckon this is one of the nicest compliment and I resonate 100% with it. 
    Are you taking any special action during these extraordinary times?
    Why does Venus Project recommend people to “follow advice from the World Health Organisation”?
    “In our fractured and divided world”…… “deadly infectious diseases don’t respect international borders” This is what the director-general of WHO “transmitted” to the world on the 6th of December 2019. 

  25. I own a small business. Having brought myself to this point after much hardship, being born into poverty and the ignorant faith of the masses; I would gladly let it all go to live in a world of peace and kindness.
    After years of study and research, I have realized nearly everything I was taught was incomplete. There are entire branches of medicine and science guided by dogma. Outside of the comfortable confines of the accepted textbooks lies another world. Areas of research and development that atrophied because the powers that be could not profit from it. It is possible to know too much. I don’t know if it is possible to unlearn the truth.
    I don’t know why I am sharing all of this. I learned a long time ago that in order to get along in this world, it is best to keep ones opinion to oneself. However, I always believed there was something terribly wrong.
    I know The Venus Project will eventually succeed. I guess I just wish to warn those who are willing to listen. None of the assumptions we cling to in our ignorance can be carried over into the new system. Or, if they are, let us at least admit we do not yet have complete understanding and leave room for testing, research and most importantly open and honest debate.
    Thank you for your time, may all those who wish for a better world find opportunities to work for it!

  26. First, I am in total agreement of the need for a more human oriented approach to structuring our social order, one that is devoid of the scarcity, competition and labor for income preconditions underlying the many negative social and environmental trends swirling over our heads. I also think you’ve accurately highlighted the need for big-pharma to profit, and there are no profits to be made from a healthy society (a reality I’ll speak to in a moment). But, then you advocate for following the WHO’s guidelines, which is effectively an arm of the pharmaceutical industry and gets 10% of their funding from Bill Gates, the biggest vaccine advocate alive. His efforts in that regard are reported as “philanthropy” while he brags about vaccines being the best financial investment he’s ever made, with a 20:1 return. But I digress.

    Does it seem reasonable, or in keeping with free and open debate, that the entire planet subscribe to ONE protocol in response to COVID19, and that anyone who challenges this narrative be marginalized and/or censored no matter how scientifically accurate their arguments, just as we’re seeing in the US and other nations? Have you considered that, by masking, distancing and sheltering ourselves, with the closing of parks, beaches, businesses, etc. that we’re effectively suppressing our immune systems, making us MUCH more susceptible to COVID and other illnesses? Have you read the MANY reports world-wide of the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in treating COVID, which has been on the WHO’s list of safe and essential medicines for 65+ years, yet captured American health agencies refuse to stand behind it? Given the CDC’s “liberal approach” to COVID deaths, which involves counting people who died “with COVID” as opposed to just those who died “from COVID” – do we really have ANY idea what the actual death toll is, or how many lives could have been saved if provided cheap, effective treatments like HCQ?? Have you considered that just maybe, we’re being intentionally immune suppressed, denied cheap, effective treatments, while the death toll is being intentionally inflated in order to sustain a level of mass fear, so that the HIGHLY profitable vaccine can remain relevant?? There are MANY very smart people out there who believe this is the case and are risking their careers to speak out – experts in virology, immunology and epidemiology, yet you won’t hear them on the heavily pharma-funded MS media. Can we completely deny this possibility simply because it falls into the realm of “conspiracy”? I myself don’t use the word at all, as what we’re really talking about is the other “C” word – Competition…and in a “winner take all” society, it should be no surprise that some people will literally want it all.

    I VERY much respect the work of Fresco and Meadows, but I think it really sours their reputations when you take a stance on something as globally significant as COVID without making some fairly obvious connections, or…just playing it safe and remaining neutral.

    Thanks very much, all the best to you…

  27. “Boost your immune systems, quarantine yourselves as much as possible, follow advice from the WHO”. Jacque Fresco said “don’t follow anyone”. I not sure about opinions of people who work in WHO. Especially in a society that can’t even write a sentence without mistakes, in a logical sense. There is no such thing as a virus. Jacques would say so too.
    Like all other things that do not exist: love, mind, beauty, and so on. Check A. Korzybski, S. Y. Hayahawa, Irving J. Lee, Stuart Chase, D. Bourland or Robert Pula.

  28. What measures do you take to prevent misinformation when the Jacque died? Scientists called young can make mistakes. And among you, administrators, I see people who don’t even have anything to do with science.

  29. I know The Venus Project will eventually succeed. I guess I just wish to warn those who are willing to listen. None of the assumptions we cling to in our ignorance can be carried over into the new system. Or, if they are, let us at least admit we do not yet have complete understanding and leave room for testing, research and most importantly open and honest debate.
    Thank you for your time, may all those who wish for a better world find opportunities to work for it!

  30. Dangerous subject to attach oneself to.
    You risk perpetuating the very corruption you seek to abolish if one is not careful.

    For example, I just read 82+ studies proving natural immunity (complete immunity) is either equal to or substantially better than vaccine-induced immunity (broken immunity), but yet somehow the industry who is close to making 100 billion this year alone on their covid vaccine products has many still convinced that they need their immune system software over natures efficiency (it’s not our bodies fault we drink grog, smoke and eat KFC all day is it?). This industry has been working tediously, none stop for years to convince us that our bodies are nothing without them, and the only way is “THEM”.

    That’s not science, that’s corruption on every level, and the data they produce to favour their vision of dependency and profit is dirty, then inherently everything up to this point is one massive load of rubbish and we have been scammed on an imaginable level.

    Pharmaceutical Industry, stakeholders, shareholders and inside traders are all sitting substantially more comfortable right now at the expense of the world and billions of lives destroyed or lost, not because of a virus because it never really had anything to do with a virus, but because of their own sick twisted ideology and the ultimate need for greed, power and control.

    The same old cycle, as the pendulum swings.
    The majority prefer freedom, but there will always be a small group of control freaks who can’t handle everyone’s happy freedom.

  31. It’s February 2023, where are we now? It would be nice to have an ongoing annual update to gage the evolution of this project in context to the pandemic event and it’s aftermath.

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