Designing the Future

About the Author

Jacque Fresco is project director of The Venus Project. He is trained in industrial engineering and social engineering and is a forerunner in the field of human factors engineering.

He invites readers’ inquiries and support for The Venus Project, a nonprofit educational and scientific organization. For a brochure, sent seven dollars to the Venus Project, 21 Bobby Ln., Venus, FL 33960. Telephone 813/ 465 -0321; fax 813/465-1928.

Domes for the Future

Why are the buildings designed for The Venus Project dome-shaped? The dome requires the least amount of material to enclose a given area. It offers ease of fabrication and prefabrication. It is the shape of maximum strength and stability.

When properly engineered, the dome can withstand extremely high wind loads and is resistant to earthquakes, termites, rodents, and fire. Most of all, it saves our forests.

The domes use reinforced concrete, which is readily available and easy to fabricate. It can be well insulated and soundproof. It has limitless potential of design configuration. We can mold kitchen cabinets, furniture, and a great deal of the interior as an integral part of the structure itself. It does not require constant maintenance and repair.

Nature has evolved the dome configuration of the most efficient enclosure for the human brain; thus, it could be said that we all live in domes!

— Jacques Fresco and Roxanne Meadows