Man is from Earth… Is the future from Venus?

By Nery Ynclan

VENUS, Fla. — At 86, Jacque Fresco doesn’t dwell on the past. He works single-mindedly on the future — his vision of the future, that is.

And if you’re having a bad day, that future is going to sound good.

In Fresco’s world all countries share their resources; all manual about is done by machine; there is no poverty, hunger or war; there is no government or need for money; adults work only three days a week; everyone gets to pursue their personal interests.

Fresco, by turns futurist, author, inventor, philosopher and dreamer, has been working toward that place he calls “The Venus project” for all of his storied life. Why man needs to get to this new plain and how to get there is detailed in his new book, The Best That Money Can’t BuyBeyond Politics Poverty & War (Phenix & Phenix Books, $24.95), which Fresco will discuss at 8 tonight at Books & Books, 265 Argon Ave., Coral Gables.

Model of a city in the sea created by Jacque Fresco

City in the Sea by Jacque Fresco

“The way we’re going, one day we’ll all be in an unliveable, toxic place,” Fresco says. “We have nuclear bombs to level the world several dozen times. With the money it took to make them, we could have built so many universities and schools and healthcare centres and helped people live so well they need not struggle ever again. There’s something dreadfully wrong.”

From his 25-acre spread in Central Florida, with dotted with dome-shaped buildings of concrete, steel and fibreglass that look like the Jetsons’ vacation ranch, Fresco has not given up his dream of building a $50 million prototype city in which all human needs are met by technology, doing away with the need for money or the motive for crime.

His more immediate goal is to find the funding to make a feature length film of his techno-utopian lifestyle so his theories can reach a mass audience.

The May-June issue of The Futurist, which reviews Frescoes book calls him “a visionary engineer” and whether the future he envisions “is probable or even possible is open to debate, but he succeeds in conveying the power of thinking of the future on a grander scale.”

Drexel University sociology professor Arthur Shostak has used many of Fresco’s ideas in his classes.


In his new book, “The Best That Money Can’t Buy,” Jacque Fresco details his vision for the future. Here are a few of his theories:

  • If everybody’s needs are met, there is no need for money. He says the need for a money system was born of scarcity. “Modern society has access to highly advanced technologies and can easily provide more than enough for a very high standard of living for all of earth’s people by implementing a resource-based economy.”
  • There’s no need for what he calls self-serving government leaders, only experts in a particular field armed with computers: “Computers as decision-makers will always scan for new information and methods of conserving resources….This will result in more humane and meaningful approach, one that is not based on the opinions or desires of a particular sect or individual.”

The need for clean energy: “Fusion power and other forms of clean sources of energy, when applied intelligently with emphasis on human and environmental concern, could provide all the nations of the world with clean, unlimited energy sources and a standard of living unattainable today.”

Children won’t be taught how to make money, but rather to pursue their own interests and the symbiotic relationship between people, technology and the environment. “Early education will emphasise understanding and cooperation.”


Futurist Jacque Fresco discusses his new book, “The Best That Money Can’t Buy – Beyond Politics, Poverty & War,” at 8 tonight at Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables. For more information log onto, or write to The Venus Project, 21, Valley Lane, Venus, FL, 33960.