Re-Designing The World

Futurist and multi-disciplinary engineer Jacque Fresco has one big, fat entrepreneurial plan for the world. He tells Nicole Buckler how his vision, once put into action, will re-design the way humans live on planet Earth.
Automated Canals & Waterways designed by Jacque Fresco

Automated Canals & Waterways: Included in a national transportation system would be a network of waterways, canals, and irrigation systems. We can no longer treat natural and man-made elements of the environment as stand-alone systems. These “mega hydrological projects“ will be an integral part of intercontinental planning. These bodies of water could minimize the threat of floods and droughts while allowing the migration of fish, removing accumulated silt and providing sites to manage and “clean” agricultural and urban run-off. In addition, these canals would supply water for farming and irrigation, supply the nation’s land-based fish farms, protect the wetlands and wildlife, and supply water to recreation areas.

Technically we are moving ahead but socially we are not.” ~Jacque Fresco

The Venus Project’s proposals and methods for arriving at a new social design are as follows:

Phase 1: The 25-acre planning center in Venus, Florida, which is already complete.

Phase 2: The production of books, pamphlets, and videos inviting the participation of people who advocate a similar direction.

Phase 3: The building of a new experimental city.

If the project appeals to a sufficient number of people and enough funds are made available, it would be directed toward the building of the first university city. The size and complexity of the city with depend on the funds available. This first experimental city would be a major planning, research, and development center where new technologies could be developed. It will also serve as a showplace for these new, clean technologies, operating a pollution-free environment with built-in processes for recycling waste. Another of its functions would be to serve as a center for the dissemination of information in all areas of the social complex. It could serve as a global networking center, and eventually inviting the participation of all nations, individuals and organizations. This would not be a private enterprise venture for a selected few. Rather, it would be an open city for the public. Included in its design proposal is a theme park that’s could provide an exciting visual presentation of the operations of this new society designed to enhance the lives of all people; it will present to the public a positive, hopeful, attainable vision of the future.

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We feel that automation is moving very quickly in industrialised countries, so it will displace many human beings working in factories. The Japanese are now moving towards 90% automation in their automobile factories. So industries will move towards replacing millions of people eventually. And these people won’t have the purchasing power to buy these products that the automated systems are making because they won’t have a job! We are facing another situation like that soon, the lay-offs are increasing, simply due to labour-saving technological advances. Even now, 43 million jobs across the world are currently being displaced.