Sea Cities

Pat McCord, Bothell, Washington, [email protected]

The Venus Project (“Engineering a New Vision of Tomorrow,” January-February 2002) is one of the most helpful ideas I’ve come across in a long time. Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows have a well-thought-out vision for social change — a resource-based world in which there would be no need for money or barter. In the midst of wars for a oil and the Enron debate, one does not have to look far for evidence that our world needs new economic direction.

I’ve seen Fresco’s graphics for his land-based cities and they are every bit as intriguing and imaginative as the sea cities.

A Man of Vision
By Susan Bottom, Clearwater, Florida
Jacque Fresco’s vision of the future is both thoughtful and humane and goals far beyond the points discussed. The article did not do justice to this incredible man, nor to his blueprints for building a future that employs technology in harmony with our environment to encourage human growth and potential. He is one of the very few who truly understands the interdependence of our culture, our planet, and our technology. His work is crucial to those interested in helping create the future.

Editor’s note: More about Jacque Fresco’s work can be found in his new book The Best That Money Can’t Buy, available from the Futurist Bookstore for $24.95 ($22.95 for Society members), cat. no. B-2407.