The Future By Design

Only medicines free from negative side effects will be prescribed, along with natural remedies and save procedures. The worlds of quantum, spiritual and energetic healing will be fully embraced in their amazing results shared with the world.

Underwater Observatories designed by Jacque Fresco

Underwater Observatories

The health of the planet will be as important as the health of its inhabitants. All packaging will be biodegradable and recyclable. We will find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste that has already been dumped in landfills. We will instead fill the land with love, and work with nature in an effort to replenish all of its wondrous flora and fauna.

People will not only eat what’s best for their body, but what’s best for the planet. Every meal can be 5-star quality. Families and friends can dying together in celebration of the food Mother Earth has provided, which can be cooked from scratch as there will be no need to rush back to work after some fast food.

People will spend their time following their heart’s desires and all of the right people will find their way into all of the right pursuits in order to continue our spiritual and scientific evolution.

With resources available to all, and everyone’s basic needs met, there will be relatively little reason to go to war. And with all that free time to get to know yourself and your relationship with Life and God, people will feel a lot happier and more understanding, so bigotry and prejudice will also eventually disappear.

People will look to spiritual teachers and scientists, instead of military leaders and politicians, for direction. Although, their own internal compass will be their strongest source of guidance. We won’t need someone else to make our decisions for us. We will all instinctively know what’s best for us, personally and as a society, and we will naturally move towards those things.

Festivals will spring up all over the earth, big and small, organized and impromptu gatherings. Music will be as much a communal expression as it is an individual one. Fun will be free-roaming, not restricted to certain allotted times and places. Art can be spontaneous and temporary or a life’s work created to last forever. Dancing and movement will happen on a whim, in harmony with your body’s natural impulses. So too with emotions. Crying and laughing out loud will be respected us a healthy expression of being human. We will like ourselves and respect each other more.

Cities will have more of a community ethos to them, so that everyone feels included any’s taken care of, both physically and emotionally. That will go a long way towards helping to alleviate any mental health issues that arise.

“People will spend their time following their hearts desires.”

Clocks will no longer govern our waking and sleeping periods, our eating and working habits, or our emotional state. We may rise with the sun and get to know the seasons. Meetings with people will happen intuitively. We may even go so far as to get rid of mobile phones in favor of our gut instinct and telepathic capabilities.

Of course, we are where we are now, which I like to think is on our way to the world I’ve just described. It requires a commitment to authentic communication with your mind, body and emotions, as well as to the other people in your life. The best first step we can take is to work on ourselves, to embrace the qualities of honesty, integrity, intelligence, compassion and freedom of expression. It’s up to you to decide what substances to fill your body, mind, heart and home with. It’s up to you to ask for help when you need it, and to follow through with whatever healing work suits you best.

People like Jacque Fresco can shine a light for the rest of us to follow, but I believe we all have a life worth shining, and I’d love to see yours.