The Reality Of Fantasy

Have you considered establishing an educational institution for teaching the principles of The Venus Project to future generations?

This is what we are doing now at our research center in Venus, Florida by holding lectures, publishing books, DVD’s and also lecturing throughout the world.

The concept of money, of bartering, is entrenched in society, and dates back to at least 100,000 years ago — realistically, how much time do you predict the transformation proposed by The Venus Project will take.

This depends on the severity off recession. If the system is unable to recover, it may result in the military dictatorship to maintain law and order. How quickly a resource-based economy might come about depends on how much exposure people get to this new direction in their ability to understand the advantages of it.

We must also consider the severity of environmental damage at the time. So it is difficult to predict a time without having access to data on the exposure of people to The Venus Project’s proposals. It can also be delayed by the established social system. All we can do is work towards it and introduce the aims and proposals.

With a broad and comprehensive exposure, the timeline for realizing these aims could be accelerated. This is why we feel it is necessary to produce a major motion picture depicting, in an entertaining and informative way, the lifestyle in a sustainable global civilization and how we get from here to there.

The Venus Project assumes that everyone accepts and seeks to attain the same goal: that all of the Earths resources become the common heritage of all world’s people. Have you considered that a separate group of people might emerge that will continue to uphold the current principles of power, greed and elitism and may seek to destroy the Venus deals? How would The Venus Project deal with such individuals?

The Venus Project does not assume that everyone accepts and seeks to attain the same goals. Perhaps there will be some who will continue to perpetuate the old established system of power, greed, and elitism and may seek to destroy The Venus Project ideals.

But nations that failed to join in this direction will be subject to social upheaval, riots, and economic disparities. That system will ultimately fail in those nations will eventually be surpassed because their behavior is based on opinions rather than the current capacity of earth’s resources.

In order to turn The Venus Project into reality, you propose that an internationally acceptable comprehensive blueprint – dictated by the ‘carrying capacity of our planet’ – be drawn up. This approach is reminiscent of the spirit of unity which pervaded the creation of the United Nations Charter in 1945. On paper, the UN is a glorious idea, in practice, its workings are directed primarily by hegemonic powers. How would The Venus Project avoid repeating the mistake of the UN? Do you truly believe that vastly different nations have the ability to act united to both inform and in substance?

This has nothing in common with the UN’s proposals. They have many ideals to work towards but have failed to lay out the method for attaining such ideals, nor do they touch the real conditions responsible for our social problems. The UN’s main purpose, as I understand it, is to maintain and uphold the established advantages of each separate nation. Although they are ideals may stressed the common good, they have failed to attain a workable system to achieve these ideals.

The Venus Project has nothing in common with the UN’s approach.

At one time in the US, the individual states sought their own advantages resulting in border and territorial disputes. They used militias at their borders. Once the states joined together the problems were reduced considerably. It maybe possible to have different nations were towards a uniform direction if exposed to the methodology for attaining such direction.

Your resource-based model provides for the elimination of certain professions, such as those of lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, marketing and advertising personnel, salespersons and stockbrokers. Yet that there exist such professionals who are driven by passion and who, through their work, acquire great pleasure and satisfaction. Above all, they do their job well. Do you not perceive it as highly unfair to these individuals that their right to their profession be trampled upon and sacrificed in the name of resource market economy?

The Venus Project will enable us to outgrow professions that have long outlived their usefulness. At one time icemen, elevator operators, the Cavalry, switchboard operators and many other professions were dominant but have since been replaced and surpassed by technology. This will continue to happen even in a monetary system no matter how much people like their jobs.

In the future, within a resource based economy, the professions will help to make a fundamental contribution to the well-being of all, and the protection of the environment.