The Venus Project World Lecture Tour 2010

By Kevin Kelso

The following excerpts are a few of the questions from Kevin Kelso’s Interview with the creator of the Venus Project. The transcript from the rest of the full hour interview can be reviewed at

Jacque Fresco: Abbreviated as “JF”
Roxanne Meadows: Abbreviated as “RM”
Kevin Kelso: Abbreviated as “KK”

KK: one of my contacts suggests that the 2nd [Zeitgeist] film is based on Alice bailey’s writings, “the Externalization of the hierarchy” where she says that they will form a one world government, where everyone will have to serve the government. He is also concerned about idea of being psychologically managed by the state.

RM: we always thing that extremely funny and naïve when they equate this to the one world government… It means that they haven’t looked at our material at all. The one world government is when the corporations on the earth and everyone is subservient to them and joints together in a one world organization. The Venus Project is nothing like that. Money is an out of the scenario… It brings people to their highest potential. Believes that the higher people are, the more they can think of themselves, the more creative they are, the better everyone’s life is. It has nothing to do about this garbage off the one world government. It makes goods and services available to anyone without money, barter, credit, servitude, or taxation of any kind. For the first time it frees people. They’ll understand that it really means to be human and to be spiritual. You can’t do this in this culture at all… it tries to free people from work and put automation in so that people don’t have to slave have jobs they don’t like. They won’t be working for people, making some people rich and making others toil as everyone has access to what they need. Their needs may be different, but they’ll have access to free education, free medical care. It’s their own project. That’s why people are afraid of the Venus Project – People project things that are not real.

JF: They project their own values. They picture a lot of scientists in grey, ordering “you will work in area D, you will work in area K” that comes from Hollywood. Hollywood always shows robots choking the designer, people in spaceships killing each other with laser weapons… we have no armies, no navies, and no politics, nothing like Hollywood’s portrayal of the future. Scientists and engineers do not control people. All the machines control is the production and distribution of goods and services. And the system is operated like a public library, where anyone can take out a book. Next to the pub library you have camera centers, where anyone in the community can check out any kind of camera. Next to that, you have Musical instruments, free of charge, without any taxation of any kind. We make things available to people, and when you do that, you put an end to most crimes.

KK: What if you want something extravagant, something greater than what the resources can allot you? Such as having a swinging pool and tennis court?

RM: These would be available to everyone. Why would someone want their own in their own backyard and maintain it when they have access to things? Today only the wealthy have these huge yachts that they have lined up in huge harbors and they only use them twice a month. In the Venus Project, people would have access to these yachts and there would be enough yachts. People would have a very different value system. If it rained gold, people today would be putting it in their closets and cellars and hoarding it. But if it rained gold for months and months, they would be shoveling it out of their house. This is the difference between keeping things scares, and a few people having things, and other people admiring them in these cultures. These values would be obsolete in a resource based society. Everyone would get what they want.

JF: It isn’t possessions that people want. They want access without waiting for it. They wanted access, they think they want jobs… jobs are meant today to control people. You make them work the best years of their lives, they have nothing to show for it. We do not do that, we allow people to go to school and study what ever they want to study. Music, art, painting, and creative writing – all the things they want to do. They don’t want to go to work. Work is boring and repetitions. We hope to automate all jobs. 

KK: I like the point about draining gold. In Canada here it rains and snows on us and we need to drain it and shovel it away, but in most of the world, that IS gold. So many people are desperate for water. It just shows what the abundance can do to alter your validation system.

KK: So the system right now seems to be destructive and parasitic. Everything seems to be going towards taking from others and destroying. What about the idea of instead of loaning money for profits to a nation being able to create money for themselves and then invest that money in the people in the same sort of socialistic way? I know this is going to disagree with your review a bit, but I think it also agrees with your ideas well.

JF: I will say that, if you will conscripted old the money in the world, It’s not enough to build hospitals. Because there is more than enough resources. Money does not represent resources. Money does not rep arable land or water shortages. Money, if you’re on an island with 100 million dollars and that island has no arable land, no water and no fish, you will no survive. With as much money as you’ve got. Do you understand? It’s not money that people need, its access to the necessities of life.

RM: Money is really just interference between what you want and what you and get. As long as you can keep money in the scenario, all throughout history they are trying to have government make their own money, and it’s gone up and back, but it’s always won over by the banks. They always have the money and people owning banks and their own self interest, they’ve always had the money to win politicians over, to persuade people. And today it’s even tighter because people know even less about how the system is run. It’s more monopolized and there’s even less information in all of the media.