United Nations Award Given to Jacque Fresco for City Design/Community

On July 17th, 2016 The Venus Project founder Jacque Fresco received the award for City Design & Community from the NOVUS summit in conjunction with the United Nations division UN DESA. This was held at the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations.

This award comes after Jacque’s lifetime effort of not only city design and community integration, but also research of social designs, human behavior studies, innovation in building systems, engineering and technical solutions with application to improving the quality of life for everyone on the planet.

This annual summit gives platform to humanitarian, governmental and non-governmental organizations, showcasing innovations for sustainable development to transform the world in a positive way. We are deeply grateful to those who put on the event and want to give a special thank you to Natasha Tsakos who did an amazing job of introducing Jacque, Roxanne and The Venus Project. We also appreciate that Julio Herrera accepted the award on behalf of Jacque Fresco, and the wonderful acceptance video that Joel Holt produced, filmed and edited.

This is a very important step in our world outreach effort to unite humanity towards a better future for all.

At this conference The Venus Project was pleased to announce the beginning of the next phase of our development – our new NPO called Resource Based Economy created to initiate construction of the first experimental city system designed by Jacque Fresco. This city will showcase our optimistic vision, allowing people to see what kind of future we can build if we channel our efforts of a systems approach for social betterment. The city will not only be a test of design and architecture, but it will be a hub for preparing and working on the next phase of social evolution towards a Global Resource Based Economy to demonstrate the methods of science applied to the social system. It will be a testing ground for technological solutions and to enhance our understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the environment.

The response from supporters of the project has been overwhelmingly positive and we hope that the response from the world community following the award will enable us to take the necessary steps to move humanity to a future of abundance that Jacque has envisioned and worked for the last 85 years.

Your inquiry and participation is welcome.

Please see the video of this award ceremony below.

Edited by Natasha Tsakos.

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  1. congratulations ! absolutely the right thing to do, I can only imagine that he will think that awards are one thing but results in building such a project would be the real award to go forward for mankind. let us build on the foundations of he’s efforts, thank you Jacque and Roxanne for your kind gift to the world.

  2. Hi my name is Nelo Ruiz, I live in Mesa, AZ, USA. Where is going to be build de first Venus Project City, I am really excited to be part of this generation of VP, to can see how is build the first city, I would like to be inform about that, because this is one of the biggest project on Mother Earth a this times, of so much corruption all around the world.
    I do have a Humanitary Project in mind, and that is to build a Healing Center, somewhere here in Arizona, where only we are going to apply alternative medicine and use only energetic therapies and would like to build it with one of the VP floor plan , could you help me with that? when I am ready for that, we are waiting for a BIG Blessing, when we get it, I get in contact with you..
    Jacky and Roxana, you are doing an amazing and monumental JOB for all of us, I am with you……

  3. Words cannot describe the joy it brings me in knowing that Jacque’s work has been acknowledged by the UN. His and Roxanne’s vision for mankind has been one that I have been promoting to everyone and anyone who would listen to or read what I have to say for more than fifteen years now, when I was first introduced to their holistic approach to solving mankind’s deficiency.

    We should strive to bring your life dream to fruition.

    Always yours,

  4. Congratulations Jacque and Roxanne. I will never forget your wonderful interview for Kids Talk Radio Science. We will continue to follow your work. You have been a positive influence on our “Occupy Mars Learning Adventure” projects. Thank you for sharing your great news.

  5. Most impressed with his drive and commitment to the project. We need a new system for the worlds population. Jacque has had a unique foresight for what the future should hold, a world full of harmony and peace.

  6. Heart felt congratulations to both Jaques and Roxanne. I have been to Florida to see your project and I am very aspired/awestruck by your works. I only wish Jaques could live another 100 years and maybe he/we could change the fabric of the world. May God (Universe) bless you and all you have ventured to teach us. May your great contribution be food for a new generation to change mankind and save our planet earth. I love you both dearly.

  7. Jacque Fresco is a genius who has not only a great intellect but also a great deal of compassion for people.
    He knows the problems of mankind and offers real solutions.
    A world without boundaries is mankind’s only way for the survival of our species.
    Thank you,

  8. Congratulations to Jacque & Roxanne !! We have been waiting for this kind of world’s recognition and award toward your great effort, for so long !

    We need you both another hundred years to complete your project all around the World.

    We love you both !

  9. Jacque Fresco is a genius who has compassion for people.
    He knows the problems of mankind and offers real solutions.
    A world without boundaries is mankind’s only way for the survival of our species.
    Thank you,

  10. Jacque and Roxanne,
    If your efforts could improve the quality of life of those around you by 1 % of the improvement you have given to my life, as creator of Conceptual Physics and screencasts on http://www.hewittdrewit.com, you’ll have made a major contribution to improving the world! You both are much loved, and deservedly so.
    Love and Good Energy,
    Paul G. Hewitt

  11. I have been a loyal follower of the Venus Project since I heard about it back in 2008. This is an amazing vision. We are all so ready for this. I believe Jacque has been gifted to carry forth this work. This is just the beginning. We have a long way to go. Congratulations to you Jacque on your award!

  12. Congratulations to Jacque Fresco, Roxanne Meadows and the Venus Project team.
    You’re doing an extraordinary endeavour for mankind.
    I’m following the Venus Project for a while and I’m glad to see your accomplishments.
    Thank you for your teachings. I’m learning a lot from you.

    Best regards.

  13. Very great news omg, I’m very happy to know that.
    Thanks a lot for all, and congratulations for this Jacque Fresco, Roxanne Meadows!!!

  14. Life always finds a way out!
    Finally, we see !
    Great thanks to Jacque, Roxanne and The Venus Project!
    Great thanks to you all!

  15. Resource!
    And happy birthday Jacque 100 more years!!! :-D
    We need to CHANGE!

  16. Therfe is a certain opportunity here. It is clear that the current profit driven economy will not allow this wonderfull initiative to flourish and/or gain momentum. Let’s think pragmatically for a minute ….. It is highly unlikely that the “developed” world will break down it’s cities to build new ones. The most room for improvement is to be found in the developing world, where in a lot of cases there are massive quantities of resources to be found. If the VP could convince just one developing country (read ruling parties) to act as the example/birthplace, it could be the spark that starts this evolution. It is where the people need it the most that the impact of Jacques vision will be the greatest. Here also the UN has an opportunity to REALLY make a difference, actions count. A true recognition from the UN of the value of Jacques work and vision would not be in the form of an award near the end of his life but in a real action plan that forces ALL the member nations to participate. For a number of reasons but maybe the heaviest which is the climate change (however complex the root cause may be) NOW is the moment to act, …. NOT in 10, 20 or 30 years. Let us take for example the Democratic Republic of Congo, a land in turmoil for decades, ….. BUT with an abundance of resources (what a coincidence …). It’s hydro-electric potential alone could make it for the larger part financially independent from other countries. If this could succeed there we, the west, would amost be forced to change or be left behind. To almost use the words of Jacques, it is not that we cannot do …. it is that we DON’T WANT to do it. Countries like this could be the perfect canvas to begin drawing a new future for humanity using Jacques an Roxannes template. VP needs to think more as a country/nation than as a project.

  17. Congratulations to Mr Jacque Fresco for his prestigious award on the 17th of July in 2016 for City Design and Community Integration and much, much more. He is considered by many to be the modern-day Leonardo da Vinci whom will undoubtedly influence the minds of youngsters such as myself the world over as well as their parents towards an advanced and sustainable future for generations to come. The Venus Project as Jacque Fresco has reiterated in his lectures is a work in progress and will continually serve its denizens from generation to generation to bring about prosperity and true freedom for all. In fact, what will be valued in the Venus Project world of tomorrow will not be artificial monetary tokens as we currently use or printed numbers on a ledger but social and scientific knowledge to further evolve and enhance the Venus Project society. Historians will place Jacque Fresco as the pinnacle of creativity, philosophical concepts and intellectual prowess of the 20th to the 21st century. Ms Roxanne Meadows too will be equally acknowledged to her dedication and patience in spreading the concept of this new social structure to lesser enlightened citizens to finally awaken them to the folly of our much-maligned current situation. Her tireless teaching and down to earth explanations regarding the new social system continues to convince the public of the benefits and long-term goals of the Venus Project concept.

    Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows are truly inspirational people. They are wise individuals whom as I see it ought to be the real leaders of our humble blue little planet Earth, period. The Venus Project is the only social system ever conceived to appear to answer our rapidly declining worldwide standards. Once the Venus Project is implemented, the change will propel the Human race by leaps and bounds to our next evolutionary stage. The sad thing is that Mr Jacque Fresco may not see his vision of a new Earth implemented due to his rapidly advancing years. Roxanne Meadows, although much younger and by no means of lesser importance, is the Mother figure of the project whom is ever diligent and ready to guide young and old alike by the hand as it were, to a wondrous world yet to come. Jacque Fresco too with his decades of tireless research and scientific aptitude and real-world knowledge is certainly qualified to bring the Venus Project to fruition. I can only dream of living in such a sustainable and glorious paradise without borders. May Jacque and Roxanne realise their dream of a world truly united for the advancement of the Human species.

    All the best to the Venus Project Team.

    I am from Australia and always eager to spread the word of this wonderful social system.

  18. Thank you both for everything, Ive changed many pattern’s and because of that I’ve been able to educate myself in doing so, I no longer say I want change i see changed within myself and others , education is key and opinions are not needed living with that makes me feel great with only have conversations that have meaning

  19. This is absolutely a dream come true for everyone supporting the Venus Project as well as me! A recognition from UN towards these to amazing individuals who have worked so hard for the betterment of the whole world and it’s society, is above anything I ever dreamed to be a possibility. Heroes like Fresco and Roxanne needed to be acknowledged by countries and their leaders and UN did amazing job succeeding towards this goal!
    Fresco have worked so many years so determinant putting in line every cell and organ of his body (for noobs!: his hearth and soul=D). His project already got my full attention and full respect! But this award really turned one big milestone from not seeing this becoming a reality! I know in his hearth he have waited a long time for recognition to come from somewhere, and I truly see no better organisation than the UN from where it could had came! And I saw for the first time how he was really taken by the acknowledgement of his life’s work!! Truly got tears in my eyes as well!
    NOW I’m so anxious to see the starting of construction of the first VP city ever! I can even give one advice though!: DO not hire Trump! He’ll make a mess of things! ;) I’ll be looking forward to see how the things turn out for you guys in Venus! I’ll keep my both thumbs up!!
    Once more Congratulations from Finland for the waited award!

  20. They should build this city, at least 70 meters above sea level because by 2100 that is how high sea level may be, according to newest estimates… I would be sad to see this city become one of Earth’s lost treasures so soon. I like that Jacque Fresco says “my work is like a first draft” meaning that he will always be making the designs better as time progresses, and need change.

    Has any one seen any work that Jacque has done for habitats underground? I am a space colonization advocate, and the Moon has strong evidence of large caves (volcanic lava tubes). These caves may be hundreds of miles long, a mile wide, and a thousand feet high.
    Under ground is the safest place to be on the Moon. No micro-meteorites, radiation, cosmic rays, extremely abrasive dust, or temperature swings of 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit, and Vacuum.

    Amazing works Jacque !

    I would love to live in your city.

  21. wee need new system. At least someone can give alternative. Thanks for job. I beleew that this kapitalism ‘democraty that is not democraty’ will finish very soon. Venus is good.

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  23. Am even happier than you Jacque Fresco for receiving recognition, you are the only being I have come to know as the greatest man who ever lived in our generation and era. I am with 100% with your vision for humanity.

  24. I’m happy to see Jacque Fresco’s work finally acknowledged by important people that affect the environment. But this leaves me with many doubts and questions to whether sociocyberneering will be taken seriously and maturely or not. An award is just that. An award. If it ends with that. We’re a joke of a species. To the UN and people they represent. I wish you the best.

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