Update on Roxanne Meadows’ talk at the UN

Three years ago, Jacque Fresco was presented the Sustainable Cities & Communities award at the 2016 NOVUS Summit in conjunction with the United Nations division, UN DESA. It was a fitting recognition of his decades of work and research into sustainability, cities and communities.

Jacque’s holistic approach to cities was part of a sustainable social design that I was extremely fortunate to have collaborated on with him for 41 years. He enabled people all over the planet to understand how it could be possible to develop an environment which could surpass politics, poverty and war, where the main concern is the well-being of people, as well as the protection and restoration of the environment.

I was grateful to learn that I was invited to speak on July 20th at the 2019 NOVUS Summit, which was to be held at the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations headquarters in New York: https://novussummit.org/speakers/ The theme “Transforming Our World – Moonshots – Making the Impossible Possible” sounded perfect for introducing and expanding on The Venus Project’s innovative social direction. I also thought this would be the appropriate place for the debut of our latest CGI renderings of the Center for Resource Management to help people understand the steps we are taking toward the implementation of this sustainable social approach.

Unfortunately, the event had to be downsized at the last minute and was moved to a separate, smaller conference room within the UN. Consequently, the event also had to be reduced by three hundred attendees and several speakers, including myself.

I made many worthwhile connections with people who were not aware of The Venus Project and was pleased to have many people approach me who have been following The Venus Project for years. I also had the opportunity to do an audio interview for selected speakers and attendees.

Much of the event was concerned with going to space. The Venus Project works toward solving our problems here on Earth; where all of Earth’s resources would eventually become the common heritage of all the world’s people, eliminating the artificial boundaries that separate us. At that time—when we grow up as a species and attain a more appropriate value system as to how to interact with the environment and one another—we will be able to venture to outer space without bringing our inappropriate and destructive behaviors to other places in the universe.

Roxanne Meadows


  1. WOW how unfortunate I was really looking forward to listening to your speech Roxanne. Glad you made some contacts at least. I really don’t know what’s the big hurry to go to space we aren’t done here on earth.

  2. We can’t agree that people deserve the same basic rights regardless of which side of an imaginary line they were born. We are certainly not ready for this.

  3. Fully agree with Julio. Very unfortunate you did not speak. Is there some place we can see the “latest CGI renderings of the centre for resource management”? Very interested in that part of the project as well. Thank you for moving our world forward

  4. This statement really resonated with me and is so appropriate for our time and mind sets:
    when we grow up as a species and attain a more appropriate value system as to how to interact with the environment and one another—we will be able to venture to outer space without bringing our inappropriate and destructive behaviors to other places in the universe.
    Thank you Roxanne!

  5. Concerned about going to space…yet we haven’t even evolved socially….Will we put borders up in space as well? Funny. Is there a way we can start a petition and demand that the UN truly consider TVP? The UN is under the grasp of the elite…, so IDK if the UN can even be helpful when they’re in cahoots with the very forces TVP is trying to fight.

    Would love to see the looks on the faces of the Marsonauts.. when other, far more advanced civilizations, drop in…

    The only reason we should consider Mars is to prevent a total annihilation of our species if an asteroid were to impact– We all know the reasons for traversing space and other planets are far from protecting the people and more about profit, power and perpetuating slavery.

    I’m so disappointed that Roxanne wasn’t able to present. But I am glad she made some connections and I hope they see the cause to be as worthwhile as it tuly is…

    I have asked if we can connect with a social media expert and a video editor. We need to make a viral video that fully encompasses TVP.

    If the AREA 51 memes can generate this much attention..why cant TVP aim for something similar? Something witty…clever…that can go viral…reach the masses…and then allow them to delve deeper into the topic.

    Due to media being weaponized in order to polarize humanity, I doubt we will be able to utilize mainstream media…

    I also doubt anyone who listens to mainstream media will be enough of a critical thinker to understand the benefits of this society. But if we can do something that resonates with them on their level, it’s possible that we can generate interest and a ton of attention! Even if it’s surface level, at least we’d be generating the attention of others who do want to delve deeper..

    Maybe catch the eyes of some important people…some wealthy people…

    Just some thoughts.

    In love and unity. A true rogue TVP Influencer,


  6. Sad. They’re still not ready, Roxanne. Keep going anyway.

    The bigger picture is even more sad, the fact that most people are on a downward slope into misery, sickness, worry, etc. and still search for solutions within the same old framework that has provided nothing but failure after failure. Is mankind/society incapable of expanding beyond the patterns it already knows? I guess time will tell.

  7. It breaks my heart that this isn’t supported by leadership around the globe. The world is set for an imminent collapse in the next generation or two and there are people who work incredibly hard to offer realistic solutions to global problems, only to be wholesale ignored at best, or murdered at worst. I don’t know what to do. I feel helpless and honestly, if a community like this existed, I would move my family to it in a heartbeat. I hope we can get our heads out of our butts and make the change thats best for Earth and all her inhabitants, rather than just slaving ourselves away for the further enrichment of useless people who require nothing.

    • I know how you feel friend. Dont give up hope. More of us learn of new systems for living and old Beliefs ARE being challenged.

      If we connect with others who question the world and its rules, I know we can make this vision a reality.

      With Gratitude

  8. I apologize in advance for mistakes in phrases, I am from Kabardino Balkaria, and unfortunately I was not taught English. Google translator helps me.
     I am 24 years old and I learned about a man like Jacques Fresco 3 days ago, by chance. Already managed to see all 16 lectures by Jacques Fresco and many other materials. I do not know who to thank for the fact that we had such a reasonable person as Jacques Fresco, he gave me such a tool as a conscious mind, probably, based on the Fresco teachings, I will say thanks to the coincidence of circumstances and the environment for the fact that Jacques is what he is. I have heard about many famous and “great” people since childhood, but I did not consider any of them as such, there was not a single person who could answer my questions.
    About the greatest man, I unfortunately learned only 3 days ago. This is one of the problems for which the Venus project has not yet been introduced into our world. About people like Jacques every person in the world should know .. I want to sincerely believe that I will find the time when the world will become what Jacques wanted to make it. It hurts me to see what is happening …
     I literally 10 minutes ago watched a video conference in Russia. How could these organizers treat such an event so irresponsibly ???? Even google translator would have done better than that girl translator! This conference looked ridiculous for the Russians because of the organizers ..
     I want to help the Venus project, but I don’t know how …. Unfortunately, I don’t have any money .. But I will dedicate the rest of my life to helping implement the Venus Project. Thanks you!

    • Sorry for the mistakes I am writing through Google translator.
      Hello, I apologize to the administrators of this site. I want to answer Alim in the language that he possibly understands. The fact is that in Russia and related countries there are very few people who believe in the project and know about it.

      Алим. Ты не один. Я тоже один в своём окружении знаю об этом проекте и к сожалению, в глазах друзей и знакомых не нашел единомышленников, но я не сдаюсь. Я потихонечку изучаю проект. А своей целью я поставил переезд в Чехию и временная базирование там. Там можно бесплатно получить образование, но со своими нюансами. Когда я там выучусь и стану профессиональным работником, то только тогда буду думать о переезде в США, чтобы стараться хоть как-то помочь проекту и развивать его, зарабатывая деньги на своём профессионализме. Тебе я тоже советую создать приблизительный маршрут в своей жизни, чтобы стать поближе к проекту. Потому что когда видишь своими глазами то, ради чего стараешься, то легче себя мотивировать идти дальше (лично для меня так). А сейчас мне сложно получать и понимать некоторые знания о проекте потому что я один и мне не с кем банально обсудить проект и те знания, которые он преподносит. А Так что желаю тебе удачи и терпения! :)

      I would also like to say that it seems to me that when the UN invites to speak at a conference, it means that there are also people there who are interested in the project! I would like to wish all people patience, zeal and good luck in implementing the Venus project! Special thanks to Roxanne for the titanic work!

  9. I think a great solution would be The Venus Projecy s connecting with the positive beleif shifting company, MindValley. They are a Humanity Plus Company that are changing the way people think
    in a very positive and profound way by uprooting old negative belief systems with powerful new ideas. Just as the Venus Project is doing in a socio-economic sense.

    If we want to bring The Venus Project into existence we must work with people who are changing the beliefs humanity has that are holding us back.

    I emailed Mindvalley about connecting with Roxanne as I feel this would be a POWERFUL and POSITIVE relationship with both groups.

    I would love to hear from all of you on this idea.

    Thank you,

    Michael Sabo

  10. Yep, this is an example of how traditional structures and institutions work against of something what can not be beneficial to them. At the last minute, the event has been downsized and moved further where less people will find out about that. That’s the corruption of our structure.
    Don’t worry, Our time will come. I will make every effort possible, so this project will come into the building phase in my lifetime.

  11. Roxanne, I so appreciate your continued work on, dedication to, insight for, and integrity around The Venus Project and all it has to offer to humanity. I absolutely agree with your statement of how The Venus Projects works “toward solving our problems here on Earth; where all of Earth’s resources would eventually become the common heritage of all the world’s people, eliminating the artificial boundaries that separate us…when we grow up as a species and attain a more appropriate value system as to how to interact with the environment and one another…” True, full maturity as a human species has not yet been reached. Further, it is not often obtained on an individual level. This must change. Truth must be widely known, acknowledged, and adequately addressed by not just a few, but the whole of us as humans. I am thankful and appreciate you serving as a leader in this process.

  12. Hopefully they will invite you again very very soon. This year.

    The sooner the better.

    Excellent that you made some more contacts etc

    The more people that see it’s a sensible way to go the better for humanity.

    THEN when we are civilized together instead of being uncivil to each other, we can then explore space together as a united species. Otherwise we will just continue to fight over the resources out there too. And anyone thinking that we need to have competition that leads to conflict in any negative way let alone to violence has never lost someone they loved or are inhuman.

    Gene Roddenberry saw that we need to co-operate to survive together as a species and THEN we could go explore and expand into space together in co-operation.

    From https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Money

    When Lily Sloane asked Picard how much the USS Enterprise-E had cost to build, he told her, “The economics of the future is somewhat different. You see, money doesn’t exist in the 24th century… The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of Humanity.” (Star Trek: First Contact)

    With science ,ethics and engineering etc we can “live long(er) and prosper” on this planet and eventually, maybe on others.

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