FREE to Watch Now: A World Worth Imagining; Jacque Fresco – The Man with the Plan

Watch the full documentary, with commentary from Executive Producer Evan Gary Hirsch, below:

Should you need subtitles, the following version offers: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Greek. More languages coming soon. Enjoy!


Photos from the film premiere at George Lucas studios

The premiere of the movie was at George Lucas studios in California. Please see photos from the event below. Click on the images to see captions.

About the documentary

Produced by S.O.U.L. Documentary, this is a film on the life’s work of late, legendary visionary Jacque Fresco, founder of The Venus Project. The movie features never before seen archival footage and the inspirational last interview of his life.

In an intimate face-to-face, Jacque Fresco shares with S.O.U.L. founder Evan Gary Hirsch how he devoted his entire life to comprehensively designing a robust, workable tomorrow for our human family and planet. In this half-hour documentary, Jacque, who had just turned 101 years old(!), gives us a glimmer of hope as he describes the conditions needed for people to peacefully co-exist in a world without exploitation and abuse of one another. He lays out a bold new social design where war and territorial disputes are things of the past, where the true meaning of love and spirituality are manifested by translating them into a working reality.

After watching this film, you may just feel you had sat with an extremely wise old man who even with fighting the ravishes of old age was determined to share what he feels is necessary for humanity to grow up in order for us to survive and thrive as a species. You will glimpse a portion of the work he accomplished in his lifetime to give us an alternative path for society to take which could solve many of our monumental problems. He also spent his entire life as a teacher so others could understand the validity of this new social direction which benefits all humanity. It is our hope that you will come away with this understanding and look into and work with The Venus Project as well.


  1. There’s a typo in the description “After watching this film… was determined to share what he FELLS is necessary”
    Also, the original music and interviewing along with the painfully long introduction and ‘outro’ were obnoxiously awkward. They seem to do more service for the ego of the ‘could’ve been an actor’ with his new found money and suspenders, than it could possibly do for the project.
    I think at very least, the link with commentary should be removed from the venus website and the video itself should be edited to focus more on the content of the interviews and Jacques’ life and vision for the future. Otherwise, it just seems like the heart and “Soul” of this documentary was to simply insert Evan into the content that was siphoned off from other, more well-produced pieces.
    It was odd at best and detrimental to anyone taking the project seriously at worst, which is why I seriously recommend a second edit.
    It also raises the question of “Who will look after the legacy, the image, likeness and outward perception of Jacque and the Venus project in future?”
    There seems to be a need for some sort of figurehead for the movement in order for Jacque’s dreams to become a reality and not washed away and or diluted like Disney’s dream of E.P.C.O.T. became up the road in Orlando.
    While it does seem like Evan is a good and sincere person, this video did nothing to make me understand why I should care about what he has to say about the wisdom of bumper stickers and more substantially, why is he is being put on the same stage as Jacque– If we can agree that money and egos are both manufactured, then I don’t think they should both be so present in this…

  2. Human beings have altered the Earth so much that human extinction is a real possibility if people continue on their current path. But we can change the future by living sustainably, over the long haul with world-changing technology.

  3. My name is Porcsha. I have been writing a science fiction book since I became disabled. I’d like to tastefully talk about the Venus Project as a solution to break this wheel that money has us spinning around on with no progression in anything benefiting everyone. I personally am tired of lying in bed and seeing doctors who have no idea why I and millions like me are sick. My illness has many idiopathic names and none of them help us. In my story the Venus Project is the goal for all humanity. The conflict is how we get there with other factors that are not considered to make this dream a reality. If I can put this puzzle of a story together, I’d like to donate a substantial amount to bring this cause to fruition. I too do not like charitable organizations knowing what they don’t do with the profits. Please contact me if I can help in some way. Thank you.

    • Dear Porscha and The Venus Project,
      I am Aleksandar from Serbia and I would like to I can help and put the piece of the puzzle of the Fresco’s vision. I don’t know which is the way I can help the most. I am also ill of severe illness, but I study at the University of the People Computer Science. I am still a beginner. I am 43 years old. I am severely suppressed for 24 years. I strongly wish to be part of this limitless vision and dedicate my life fulfilling it.

  4. Recently i saw on you tube a representation of what atlantis may have looked like ,and Jacques vision with the circles of buildings and trees with the water look very alike . Does
    he know more than he is telling us?…Did Jacque have conversations with other races ? As i am sure i saw space ships featured within some of his dioramas . Huge respect to these people , maybe we could all get it together at the very least for the future of the young ones ..

  5. I have to agree with Dave, the link with commentary should be removed. It’s abit confusing, there are two identical thumbnails with the exact same titles and headlines. Naturally you start watching the longer one first, but you get a longwinded introduction and may lose interest.
    Then, when (or if) you watch the second one, there are scenes you have watched before.
    It’s an interesting subject and confusion is the last thing one needs.
    I posted this link elsewhere with the remark to watch the second video first.

  6. It is truly worth it for Mr. Fresco to win the award. I am inspired by his vision. Especially under today’s pandemic, it worth thinking about how we can co-exist with the world and make sustainable choices to build a more solid foundation for future generations.

  7. Jacque Fresco was a true visionary thinker. He was a social engineer for people and he could look at the world from a much higher viewpoint. I cannot agree more when he said: “once the kids get out of school, they’ve already been poisoned.”

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