Inhabitat: The Venus Project Envisions a Sustainable Redesign of our Cities and Civilization

Read the article by Lacy Cooke about The Venus Project in Inhabitat, “a weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.”

Inhabitat article


  1. Hello, my name is Ronald Rowan I saw your project on Facebook it seems to be what the world really needs in this age of war and greed I would love to come on board with it and help out any way I could I am a single parent former military back ground and a love of Aquaponic and growing methods if I could do anything for this amazing foot step in to are future please let me know

    • Hi, I am very much interested to help and been thinking getting as much as possible people in this project, many don’t understand but my mission as a voluntary is to explain that you must love your self and all; be happy seen people happy and enjoy a world free of war and hate; we must be prepare to share help one another.

      We will enjoy heaven on earth, in a world with money no one is happy if you money you have to get body guards and never enjoy a life without worry and if you don’t have money you are no one. so I believe We must educate people to think different, teach them to live, because who learn to think learn to live, in the new society we will think without vengeance, we will for give and will not hate les get more and more people because for many century people have been looking for happiness and this is the only way you will never be happy with money.

  2. I need to read a lot more about this. I do have questions regarding what protections would be established to insure that the system couldn’t be manipulated by a tyrannical member of society at some point. Also if multi-cultures end would there even be a need to travel at all? If automation does everything then what insures that boredom would not create new problems in society from obesity to violence?

    • It is very easy every thing will go almost the same, only that we have no money the number one problem in the world; Respect to one another is very important and as a good volunteer that we are; be ready to cooperate in every way
      Get more people to be happy in the new society … I love this project and help now, by getting more volunteers to come with me.

  3. Bonjour si je peux aider, vous pouvez compter sur moi. Mr Fresco et Mme Meadows, vous êtes des exemples pour le monde! Il faut faire connaitre ce projet au plus grand nombre et je m’y emploie.

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