Konbini: This Group Wants To Engineer A New Civilization With No War, Poverty Or Hunger

On the Konbini Websiste, Roxanne Meadows is interviewed by Benjamin Holt. It’s titled: This Group Wants To Engineer A New Civilization With No War, Poverty Or Hunger. You can read the full article here.

Konbini article


  1. The concept/idea is great but I think the most important part is missing “the transition”. The transition from a world that moves by the order of money to a world where volunteering for job positions would be the norm. The transition where 1% of the population, which controls due to monetary power. are willing to give up the power and level with the 99%.

    • the transition is described in some of the full-line movies by TVP, and to sum it up in a sentence or two: spreading the word between the intelligent people, then to the less intelligent, then to the less and less, until the overwhelming majority becomes influential enough to make the change without fearing the radicals (ex. terrorists, KKK…), because radicals are product of a broken culture – dictated by the local majorities.

      of course it is not a revolution by force, and such a transition spans over many years. TVP never claimed to “build rome by tomorrow”

  2. this will be possible when people (though the majority) become like Mr. Jacques, that is more humane , egoless and kind. Moneytary system is evil which keep humankind as slaves. In future money will be vanished. I have ideas how it is feasable.

  3. As the majority of us are the slaves and only a few are the rich ones, I think the way to achieve this civilisation model is by example. By this a mean to build one of cities following this model of civilisation with all the technology it needs to be autonomous. If it survives, more people will want to live this way, because they will find it as a paradise compared to current world. And having the first one working city with this model also gives the base technology to be shared to build more. This first one city will be the seed to start the change. But there are mayor challenges:
    1) Is it there any country government that is going to allow to build a small autonomous new city that doesn’t need anything from the government or country economics?
    2) Do you thin rich people and going to be quiet watching how their power (money) goes away?

    • I totally agree with you, its either build a city or hope that people change after next war… Hope has not proven beneficial so far , so I would say try to get investors for one of these cities and try to inspire other people. Contact Elon Musk, he will know what to do :)

      • This system have to change, we must use our intelligence to live healthy and happy
        The wealthy people will follow us I am sure; because we are making a heaven on earth. The wealthy ones will experience more and more Problems as the money system comes with.
        I believe this is our only way to get out of suffering, not only us humans but all in this wonderful planet– lest get on it get more and more people to come to the best experience for all of us.

  4. Sad to see many comments reinforcing the status quo…the zeitgeist…the fact is that…

    Capitalism is killing itself as it always has. Right now there is a huge job loss due to AUTOMATION … the trucking sector will lose 3-5 MILLION jobs to machines in the next 5 years… 75% of all available jobs will be lost by 2025… THEN WHO WILL HAVE PURCHASING POWER TO SUSTAIN THIS backward and obsolete system?

  5. Even if we stop imagining value for money.. then what can we do for the other religions and their institutions? They still would hold peoples minds in their evil grip. Psychologically controlling, opressing and supressing their followers and playing them against their rivals. After the elites relinquish power, eliminating money and all property made public . The religious institutions would be the only ones still having a major influence on their brainwashed populations. I bet those sick powerhungry old bastards running all the religious institutions would totally concentrate to push their bullshit and mind control people because people would be the only remaining possession. The amount of brainless followers, would define the power of an religious organisation. There would be jihad everywhere.

  6. The number one problem in trying to live in a moneyless society is that the majority of moneyed Societies will need to destroy any New society which does not accept the selfish basis of the existing ” capitalist organisational basis “; where might equals wealth, and wealth equals a superior right, and rights can only be obtained by utter selfishness.

    Indeed the obviousness of this is the various misconstructs of capitalism, like the ownership of land and resources, which patently are our common heritage and not the plundering rights of the self-ennobled minorities, either titled or enforced by the violence of armed agressors and nevere-ending conflicts, and the natural resources which logically enable the global population to start with, and can only contiue as are basis for the growth of any healthy society by common resource sharing !

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